3 reasons you should make WAY more videos than you think


If you really want to create a video strategy for social media that makes a difference, there is no turning back: you must make plenty of videos. LOADS of videos. Here are three main reasons. 

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Why is it so important to make lots of videos? Isn't it better to make fewer but better video posts than a lot of bad ones? Well, it's not that simple. Let's go through three of the main reasons why you should think about quantity when it comes to video on social.


1. For visibility

When it comes to social media, publishing often is a golden rule, no matter what format you work with. There is not a single brand that has grown on social media by publishing “every once in a while”. You must update all the time, you must be relevant – and frequent. Because this is how the platform's algorithms decide which content is prioritized and visible. The more you publish, the greater the chance is that your followers will see it.

2. To do better

On social media, the motto really is “learning by doing”. No matter how many courses you take or how many articles and guides you have read: you’re not going to become better at it if you don’t actually do it.

3. To reach different target audiences

It’s often tempting to try to tell several things in a video or to tell one thing to several target audiences – but that never ends well. The solution is to tell even more stories in more ways: that is, by making lots of videos.

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