6 things that are crucial for your social storytelling


When we communicate on social platforms, we only have seconds to catch the attention of the audience. This puts extreme pressure on us, as storytellers. Here are 6 things to think about for your social storytelling. 

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1. Every post must be a complete story

One mistake that many people make on social channels is to believe that the audience is going to see what you publish in the order you publish it, at the time you publish it. But on social media, we cannot control when our audiences see our messages; our posts are entirely controlled by algorithms and signals. This means that you can never publish a story in several pieces and believe that the pieces will reach your audience in the correct order, at the right time, or even at all. That’s why every story you publish on social media must be a consumable whole. Otherwise, they won’t make sense to the audience.

2. Bring out the big guns early

Since we only have seconds to catch the audience’s attention, our stories must have an eye-catching start. Make sure to have a powerful beginning, like a thought-provoking question, a strong angle, an inspiring quote or an immediate presentation of a problem. 

3. Out of sight, out of mind 

Very few individuals or companies have managed to grow on social media by telling one single good story, or by telling just a couple of stories. it's simply a must to constantly update, post new things, and tell new stories. Why? Once again, it’s all about the algorithm. Publish often to reach more people. 

4. Never forget the context

The whole point of being on social media is… well, to be social. Whenever you post something, you’re always entering an existing conversation. If you don’t know what your audience is talking about, you won’t get your message across.

5. The only way to learn is by trying

Understanding what makes a good story for you, your company and your audiences is something you find out by experimenting. On social channels, the golden rule is “learning by doing”. You must simply publish something to find out what the response is. 

6. Dare to repeat yourself

In a world of bite-sized communication, you should never be afraid of saying the same thing several times. As a company, communication is often about repeating things in different ways to really get the message to stick, and social media is the best place to try to tell a story in a thousand different ways. So tell the same story many times over: dust off, update, freshen up, and you’ll easily be able to tell the same story many times over.

Download and read our whole e-book about social storytelling here! 

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