How important is your budget to get good results on social media?


"Throwing money at the problem" is a great method for everything from finding a good birthday present to get a better holiday. But does it work when you need to distribute content on social media? We have asked two experts to find out how it works.

Philip Johannessen, Digital Director at the advertising agency BerntzonBylund, as worked with communication, content and distribution for almost 20 years. During that time he has seen many successful campaigns and almost as many disasters. Which disasters, he keeps to himself but Pantamera is a brand he considers a success.

Philip Johannessen

Philip Johannessen

– They are doing it very well and I suspect they get a pretty good bang for the buck in their content investment, says Philip Johannessen and continues:

– Many companies make the mistake of not tying their content to a purpose. Making content just for the sake of it is quite common, but not very meaningful.

Philip Johannessen thinks that more companies should dare to take a step back in the process.

– It's the easiest thing in the world to promise gold and green forests, along with a nice mood board. But every market manager has a responsibility to say “stop, hold it”, and initiate a discussion about purpose and goals before producing any content.


Good content is the key

The algorithms that control what is shown to whom in social media tend to promote material that engages users only by virtue of the content itself. This means that you have to make sure, from day one, to put your energy into creating good stuff. You will win in the long run. That's the key of social media content distribution. 

Moa Strand

Moa Strand

– In order for the algorithms to prioritize your material, you also need organic engagement, such as likes and comments. Make the algorithms work for you by creating the right kind of content. But pay to reach the right people, says Moa Strand, Distribution Director at Spoon Agency and expert on how to reach the right audience.

No matter how good content you make, you may still need a well-balanced budget to reach the right people. Especially at the beginning of a campaign on social media.

– A content launch needs an initial push in paid channels in order for people to find it. If you are good at CRM, have a large customer club or similar good conditions, not as much distribution budget may be needed, says Philip Johannessen.

Review your target groups

At the same time, you may need to continuously review your target groups to get the most out of your budget. Small adjustments to age range, geographical residence, interests and other variables can make a big difference. Admittedly, the risk is that it will lead to an increase in CPM – but that is not always a bad thing.

It may seem like a lot to keep track of, but it's actually quite simple. Can you solve your social media distribution problems by throwing money at them? Absolutely. But if you put your time and energy into creating good content right from the start, you don't have to waste as much money. Read more about this in our article about how to succeed in social media marketing. 

3 questions all marketing executives should ask before saying ok to a new content investment

According to Philip Johannessen:

  1. What is our purpose and goal with this investment?
  2. Do we have the resources to implement it in a good way?
  3. How do we measure the results?

Bonus question: How often do we follow up on the results, and what are the criteria for continuing or ending the project?

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