Three things to remember about the pickiest audience in the world (=every audience on social media)


Are you creating video for social media? Then there are three things you always must remember, when trying to reach out to your audience. 👇

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1. The audience is impatient

A video should always be as short as possible – as long as you can convey your message to the audience. This means that every word counts and you need to keep your script tight. It is of course technically possible to squeeze in a lot of information in a video with short run-time, but no one will be able to absorb what you want to say.

👉 Each and every video needs to have an angle – it should be about a specific topic, angled towards a specific target audience.

2. The audience watch video without sound

Only a small portion of the social media users have audio enabled when they use the platforms, especially on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. This means that your video must be possible to watch without sound, or as Facebook puts it: Design for sound off. Delight with sound on. You can not rely on background music, jingles or other effects to create the right atmosphere, but instead focus on your script, and make sure to use text and/or subtitles in your video.

👉 Always make sure that the audience can consume your video with the sound turned off.

3. The audience is easily distracted

You may be used to fighting for attention with competitors in your field. But when you publish content on social media it competes with the recipient’s entire life!

Why should anyone watch your video instead of commenting on their friend’s wedding photo? To have a fighting chance, your video and script needs to be on-point and interesting.

👉 Always ask yourself why someone should watch your video instead of something posted by their best friend.

Want to learn all about script writing for social video? Download our crammed (and free) e-book here!

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