Give your video assets a whole new look

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You might not always have the best images and videos at hand when you start your video project. Now we're adding even more styling options to give your assets new life!

Styling your video assets has always been fun in Storykit. With loads of easily accessible styling functionality, you can give even the most unexciting stock photos new life and make them coherent with your brand.

As of today, you will have even more options when it comes to styling: say hi to two new styling options in Storykit Video Studio: Duotone and Advanced Tint.

Duotone: two colors is a trend

Using Duotone to give your images a vibrant look and feel is a huge trend. The trend really took off when Spotify started using a duotone color scheme to spread that Spotify look all over the world. And we’re not surprised: Duotone is an amazingly easy way to make quite ordinary photos and videos melt into your brand look.

Duotone is what it sounds like: the use of two colors, and the name comes from printing presses.

Using Duotone on your images in Storykit is very simple. The effect is created by replacing the “shadows” and “highlights” content of an image or video asset with two colors of your choice. The effect turns the asset monochrome and then maps your chosen colors to it, creating a very distinct effect.

Read all about how to use Duotone on your assets in Storykit here.

Advanced Tint: For the adventurous

First, let’s be honest: using Advanced Tint can be a bit tricky (hey, it’s called Advanced Tint for a reason) and if you’re new to Storykit, it could be a bit daunting – and that’s why there are so many other options available that yields fantastic results. But if you want to dig in, then Advanced Tint is for you.

With Advanced Tint, we let you control a lot of the behavior for a solid color overlay – allowing you to create a lot of beneficial effects and storytelling accents. In short – with Advanced Tint you can access all “control points” for the Tint styling: Fade time, animation behavior and color and individual color and opacity settings for “in,” “hold” and “out” points – which makes Video Studio animate from one value to another – in color and opacity. So you can seamlessly cycle from one color to another and over multiple opacity values.

Want to give it a go? Read all about Advanced Tint here.

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