Tell every story with a video

Storykit will radically improve your experience of  telling stories to the world.

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"With Storykit we produce 400% more video than before and get amazing results."
Liselotte Lundström
Head of Digital Content, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
"We get leads from companies that we never would've found unless they had seen our Storykit videos on social."
Robert Dahlqvist
Digital Marketing Manager, foreseeti
"Last year we created over 1.000 videos and saw a 700% increase in CTR using Storykit."
Sarah Sinclair
CEO, Rocket Agency

Tell every story with a video

Can you write? Then you have the most essential talent needed to create attractive videos on social media. With Storykit Video Studio you will become a video pro in an instant. 

This is the ultimate tool when you truly want to make an impact in social channels, and you will be able to tell real stories with high quality videos in minutes.

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