När vi har rätt verktyg behöver vi fortfarande nya insikter. Följ vår blogg för att lära dig allt om innehåll i sociala medier.

Så gör du 10 videor med samma resurser

Video production is no longer reserved for professionals with extensive training and pricey equipment. Today, it’s neither expensive nor difficult to create a video for social media. “You can easily make ten videos with the same resources as one”, says Sofia Stenseth, Chief Content Officer at KIT.

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5 myter om köpt innehåll på Facebook

You’ve probably seen ads pop up in your Facebook feed. In fact, advertising via Facebook is one of the best ways to reach out to new customers and visitors. And anyone can do it. Sadly, there are a lot of myths surrounding how things actually work when it comes to advertising on social media.

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The Storykit Story

The story of Storykit is the tale of how a fundamental shift in content consumption has created the need for new storytelling technology. Let our founder and CEO Peder Bonnier tell it.

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Kill your darlings – så skriver du ett effektivt manus

Video on social media is an effective way to get your message to the right audience.
But it’s also a format that demands quick and efficient storytelling.
We had a chat with Magnus Dahl, the creative director at KIT, about how to approach writing a script – without the dead meat.

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