Say hi to two new intro slides and a list slide

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We love releasing new slides almost as much as we love watching our users create amazing stuff with them. So we're starting off the season with three new slides to play with.

We’ve built Storykit Video Studio with one thing in mind: making it so simple to understand that anyone, even people who have never created video before, can produce great looking videos in no time in the tool. This is one of the main reasons why you create videos with slides in a workspace in Storykit. It allows you to start with the script and worry about all the other assets later on.

It looks so simple, but this is where the magic happens! Credit:

Today we have nearly 40 slide types to choose from when you’re creating your video. These slides allows you to be extremely creative and produce an endless amount of different videos. 

But we know our users love to get new slides to experiment with, and we have so many ideas that we want to see come alive, so we will definitely keep adding new slides to the library. 

And today we kick of the new season with three new slides! Check them out:

1. List – Single Item

The “List – Single Item” slide type works great for lists or sequential information that needs more than just the list item title. In the example below, we’re outlining two distinct use cases for the slide type, but this is a slide which we are confident that our users will find extremely useful for all kinds of storytelling.

2. Intro – Shape

The “Intro – Shape” is a dynamic and fun type of intro that has a lot of options to let you customize it and use it in different ways. There are two big shapes that animate in and out on the slide – either a circle or a square. These shapes are most visible in 16:9 format.

3. Intro – Headline

The “Intro – Headline” has a very “editorial” layout with a text field that can be used as a dateline or short preamble, perhaps for date and time information.

You can, of course, use the text fields independent of one another for added flexibility.

So head on out and try them. If you aren’t a Storykit client yet, just get in touch and we’ll tell you all about it. 

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