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The rise of video on social platforms has turned everything we knew about video upside down. Today, winners publish video consistently, with impeccable quality, in an ultra-high tempo. 

In Storykit Academy, you’ll learn all about winning with video in social media. During fall 2021, in four webinars, we’ll put you up to speed on the strategy, the production tactics, the storytelling, and the script-writing you need to succeed. 

The webinars are held in English. Sign up for each below!

Did you miss a webinar? We’ve got you: check them out here.

Your host: Jonna Ekman, Marketing Director at Storykit

Vivid storyteller, journalist turned marketer, and text person turned video enthusiast. Find Jonna @LinkedIn

Did you miss a webinar? Watch them here!

Stream Webinar #4: Production tactics

The key to success on social platforms is to consistently publish loads of high-quality content. But is it even possible to fill a content plan with video? To produce and publish video every week, maybe even every day?

Yes, it is! 

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to become a super-efficient video creator, which shortcuts you can take, and how you can create hundreds of videos a year without even breaking a sweat.


Stream webinar #3: Script writing

Social video is one of the most efficient tools to reach your audience with the right message. But the demands are high: you need to be able to tell your stories efficiently to attract the viewers.

What’s the secret behind writing a super sticky script for your videos? Let us tell you all about it!

I det här webinaret gör vi en effektiv genomgång av vad du ska och vad du inte ska göra när du skriver ditt videomanus. Vi kommer att strössla med tips och tricks för att du ska kunna göra video som pratar med rätt målgrupp på rätt sätt.

Stream webinar #2 here: Storytelling

We know great stories is the key to success in digital channels today. But which stories should you tell? And how?

In this webinar, we deep dive into the importance of storytelling, learn about how to tell great stories in videos that are less than a minute, and see what the data tells us about which stories we should tell.

Stream webinar #1 here: Strategy

We all know a solid strategy for your video content is a must-have for every organisation in 2021. But most of us have little to no clue how to build this strategy or how to execute it.

In this webinar, we give you a no-nonsense walkthrough on how to create a scalable and effective video content strategy for your company. We’ll also pour out tips and tactics on how to make video happen in your organisation. Watch the whole thing here!


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