Maximizing output with Storykit: Waybler’s one-person video creation strategy

Every technology has a superpower. Just as many rely on Waybler to charge their cars, Waybler relies on Storykit to charge their content creation. Facing the challenge of trying to raise brand awareness on social media with just a part-time content manager, Waybler turned to Storykit for an efficient solution to produce high-quality video content at scale.

"The total number of views from multiple videos is more impactful than one powerful video, and with Storykit, I can create them in bulk."

Agnes Asplund
CSM / Content Manager at Waybler

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Waybler is transforming ev-charging systems with innovative hardware and software solutions for large parking areas, such as housing communities and business complexes. Their patented load management technology allows up to six times more cars to be charged with existing power, making it highly cost-efficient. Proudly producing all products locally in Sweden, Waybler has a strong home market presence and is expanding into Germany, Luxembourg, and Finland. Discover how Waybler uses Storykit videos to showcase their cutting-edge products and build their brand below.

The Challenge

To stand out in today’s social feeds, companies must not only reach their audience but also make an impact with their content. A job that can be incredibly tough, especially if you’re just one person. 

Agnes Asplund, who balances her time as a Content Manager and a Customer Success Manager (CSM) at Waybler, needed a way to efficiently create high-quality content. 

Agnes explains:

– Our goal with our social media channels was to raise awareness of our brand. We wanted to spread awareness to as many people as possible, and given the current times, I needed to rely on organic reach. The stats clearly show that video outperforms images or text, so it was obvious we should focus on video.

Before joining Waybler, Agnes worked in PR and Communications for a company with a small content agency, which frequently received video requests. From this, she knew video was powerful but also recognized the inefficiency of creating video content through an agency. 

In addition, Agnes knew that to get a positive ROI from video it needed to be scalable, which traditional editing platforms weren’t.

– Prior to Storykit, I hadn’t worked much with video myself; I’m more of a text person. I tried using the Adobe suite for video but found it too time-consuming. Given my lack of extensive video experience, that wasn’t an efficient option, and since I have a 50% role in content creation I needed to be efficient.

The Solution

With Storykit, Agnes didn’t need any prior knowledge of video editing to create professional videos at scale.

– When I first started at Waybler, I was solely a CSM. This role involves talking to customers, setting them up, helping them understand the value of our products, and getting them on board.

It was in this role that Agnes first started using Storykit. She explains:

– When Storykit was introduced to the marketing department at Waybler, I was working solely as a CSM, but I wanted to try it out. I started using it to make tutorial videos for our customers, addressing common questions. This quickly became a part of my workflow and made my life much easier.

Agnes then expanded her role to include content management, overseeing social media, producing articles, and ensuring the website was up to date. 

Given her dual role, efficiency is crucial for Agnes. Storykit enables her to produce the same amount of content, and with the same high quality, as a full team would.

– Storykit is really intuitive and easy to use so when I took on the content management role, transitioning to using it for social media communication was seamless. 

The Results

Storykit has significantly reduced stress and increased productivity for Agnes.

– Once I get into my creative mindset, I can create a lot quickly. In half a day, I can make 20 videos that I can schedule over time, freeing up time for other tasks and significantly reducing stress. 

Over time, Agnes has built up a library of reusable videos, which has made her life much easier since she knows how important it is to post regularly on social media. 

– People often fear overloading their audience with content, but it’s unlikely everyone will see everything. The total number of views from multiple videos is more impactful than one powerful video, and with Storykit, I can create them in bulk.

Since using Storykit, Waybler has seen a significant increase in LinkedIn followers, their primary platform.

– It was a game changer when we started posting videos regularly. The pace of gaining new followers has doubled, which is a huge advantage for us.

Agnes finds inspiration for content from various sources, particularly from the company’s website.

– Lately, we’ve been investing heavily in our website to ensure it presents our offerings in the best possible way. It would be stupid not to repurpose that content in as many ways as possible. The best part is I don’t have to reinvent anything. Even if the text doesn’t feel relevant for social media, it becomes something completely different when you look at it with video eyes.

For example, when Agnes looks at their homepage, she can picture 15 different videos she can make by putting different sentences together. It’s that easy to get creative.

Anything else you would like to add? 

– I love Storykit because it makes it easy for one person to produce a lot of content. I also really enjoy the customer experience at Storykit. We have monthly meetings for tips and inspiration, and there’s always someone to speak to if we have any questions or needs.

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