Storykit for Employer Branding & Recruitment

Attract the talent you’ve
been dreaming of

Elevate your employer brand with scroll-stopping videos that get attention, get shared and engage your future recruits.

Compelling video content for a strong employer brand

Being seen on social is non-negotiable for competitive employer brands - if you’re not highly active where your future and current employees hang out you’re not getting considered.

Storykit helps you get your employer brand and open positions in front of the talent with engaging video content. No editing skills required. Turn any text into scroll-stopping videos that don’t take days, or cost a fortune, to produce.

"I can choose the content I want, edit it with ease and even repurpose old content without any hassle."

Marie Holmberg
Talent Acquisition Lead

Make every video with Storykit

  • Event promotion
  • Workplace behind the scenes
  • Employee testimonials
  • Company achievements
  • Job ads
  • Culture showcases
  • New employee announcements

AI-powered video creation

Storykit doesn’t just make your videos for you.
Our storytelling AI makes smarter videos for you.

Videos for multiple audiences, from just one text. Videos for every stage of your funnel, from just one text. Videos that sell, that engage, that educate, that convert, from just one text.

This is how thousands of others Storykit it

Repurpose job ads, employee testimonials & career site copy

Save time and get the most out of your existing content by turning those texts into video trailers, micro-stories and ads that drive traffic , increase engagement and motivate applications.

Create videos from scratch that showcase your workplace & culture

Browse a library of storytelling ideas and templates that help you turn company events, morning meetings and team rituals into compelling videos.

Localise and adapt content for different audiences, channels or markets

Re-format your videos for different channels with one click, translate the script, or create SRT files for accessibility.

Automate video creation & branding with smart creative features

Easily set up and swap between brand themes and designs, apply text animations and media transitions, and automatically reformat all of it with one click to optimise your video for all your channels.

Want to know how Storykit works?

Find out how you can turn text into video with Storykit.

"Since we started making more videos, we have doubled our reach on several social platforms."

Sofia Lund
Communications Strategist, Trygghetsfonden TSL

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