Storykit for Events

Build buzz and bag attendees like nobody's business

Nail your event targets by turning simple texts into scroll-stopping videos that build anticipation and drive sign ups.

64% of people buy after watching branded videos

Social media is an easy way to reach a large audience for your event. What's not so easy is getting their attention and convincing them to buy tickets. That's why you need video.

Storykit makes it easy for anyone with a message to create high-quality video content, and quickly. Turn text into scroll-stopping videos that get attention and persuade your audience to hit the Buy button.

"We see an obvious trend when we look at our reports, especially on Facebook. Our video posts drive much more engagement than the other posts."

Eva Dahlberg 
Digital Communicator at Almi

Make every video with Storykit

  • Event announcements
  • Speaker intros
  • Speaker line-ups
  • Buzz-building
  • Event FAQs
  • Early-bird offers
  • Event highlights

AI-powered video creation

Storykit doesn’t just make your videos for you.
Our storytelling AI makes smarter videos for you.

Videos for multiple audiences, from just one text. Videos for every stage of your funnel, from just one text. Videos that sell, that engage, that educate, that convert, from just one text.

Join the thousands of others that Storykit it

Turn the copy on your event page into engaging videos

Increase awareness and interest in your event by turning speaker bios, topic highlights into videos that drive traffic and motivate sign-ups.

Create buzz with sneak peaks and tips from behind the scenes

Browse a library of video templates that give you plenty of ideas and guidance for using what you have to get your audience's attention.

Promote different days or tracks of your event for mass-appeal

Save time by quickly changing information, image and video clips or even your video format so you can reach different audiences, on different channels with very little effort.

Create beautifully on-brand videos with professionally designed animations

Set up branded video themes to swap the look & feel of your video with one click. Choose pre-designed layouts, animations and transitions that give your videos a professional look.

Want to know how Storykit works?

Find out how you can turn text into video with Storykit.

"I publish Storykit videos 2-3 times a week on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn... it's broadened our reach and improved our ability to communicate our messages."

Mélody de Aquino
Brand & Communications Manager

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