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"I think that all companies should use Storykit. It's so easy and fun to work in. Today, I make one video daily, and it's safe to say that it's not my only responsibility at work."

"Storykit is a fantastic tool to help enhance science or whichever story you want to create. It helps people with no video experience, like me, share our information and content in a much better way."

“We saved over 1,2 million Euros last year using Storykit.”

"We see significant results: our videos get more views than the news, blog posts, images, and other material that we publish onto our other digital platforms."

"When we started using Storykit we had 58,000 followers on LinkedIn and now we have 78,000."

"If you have a good story, anyone can create video content in Storykit. That is why the tool is so valuable for the quick and brief storytelling we do on a daily basis."

"We want to tell people how we contribute to society and show we’re an important player. With Storykit, it’s easy to put together a video in just a few minutes. We use the tool for almost all communication."

"Video works really well for both customer testimonials and employer branding and our sales staff love to use videos."

"We were previously ordering videos via an agency, and it didn't give us a lot of videos for the price that we were paying. For the same price, I am now able to create as many videos as I want in Storykit – throughout an entire year."

"Storykit is the perfect tool when we need to be fast but still work with high quality."

"We have increased our number of viewers on Youtube by a massive 2900% and seen a 25% increase in subscribers."

"By creating our video content in Storykit we can work in a cost-efficient, fast, and flexible manner."

"Last year we published three videos throughout the year. Now, when we are working with Storykit, we create three videos each week."

"We get leads from companies that we would never have found unless they had seen our Storykit videos on social media channels."

"Using Storykit, we could quickly start communicating about the support we offer."

"We made about 300 films last year, and that’s probably 290 more than we would have done without Storykit."

"Storykit is incredibly quick, user-friendly, easy to collaborate in, and still extremely brand safe. We’ve increased our video production with 300% using the tool."

"I can't spend two weeks on a video that flows through the Facebook feed in a few seconds. Storykit makes it possible for me to create more videos and also more frequently."

"I wouldn't be able to create video this fast and in such high quality with any other tool."

"I consider video production to be one of the absolute best and most effective tools we have, as we strive to explain these issues in an easily accessible way. With Storykit you can start making simple videos right away."

"When using video, it’s simply a lot easier to showcase our vacancies and also to show people how it is to work with us."

"I can't work in Premiere Pro. It would take me far too long to create videos with traditional video editing software. Storykit has been so important for me because it saves me so many hours, and it also looks really great."

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