Meet the video tool here to raise your content game

The secret to a competitive content strategy? Video. The secret to making all that video, from anywhere in your organisation? Storykit.

No video editor?
No problem.

With Storykit anyone (including you) can make scroll-stopping, professional video content.

The intuitive way to create

Think in words? Write a script and watch it become a storyboard. Think in pictures? Build a video frame by frame. However you want to work, go from idea to finished video, fast.

Everything you need right here

Help yourself to over 3.5 million royalty-free image, film and music assets. Got your own team or company brand and media library? Add it. And keep everything beautifully organised, ready to share, re-purpose and adapt.

Know you’re doing it right

Relax. Storykit has video best-practice built in. Easily add professionally designed layouts, animations, film and image styling presets to create pro-quality videos. Every time.

AI-powered video creation

Storykit doesn’t just make your videos for you.
Our storytelling AI makes smarter videos for you.

Videos for multiple audiences, from just one text. Videos for every stage of your funnel, from just one text. Videos that sell, that engage, that educate, that convert, from just one text.

Short on time?

Create so much more video, so much more efficiently with Storykit’s time-saving features.

Swap time-consuming tasks for a single click

Create at speed with custom templates for every video need. Instantly reformat any video for any channel. A/B testing? Duplicate a video, adapt a message, publish – and you’re done.

Max your video value

Localise video texts in minutes. Change branding or messages in a click. Update any asset to suit any market. All from one master video.

“Before, our local offices barely made any videos. Now that it only takes a couple of minutes to localise a master video, my European colleagues request Storykit-videos for everything we do.”

Dominika Dzielak
Group and Content Lead at Dun & Bradstreet

Want better results?

Start with better scripts and better design. Maximise the impact of your videos with features that help you create videos for your goals.

Lift your scripts with Guided Storytelling

A library of smart storytelling templates that turn even the most ordinary information into compelling video content in a few simple steps.

More impact, less time

In a rush? Let Storykit scan your copy, build the storyboard and make smart suggestions for your video’s pace, layout, media and animations.

Beautifully on-brand video

Skip the brand guidelines guesswork. Cut straight to stunning video that’s automatically on-brand for smooth approvals and faster publishing.

Video as bespoke as your brand

Customise every video with your brand’s colours, font and logo placement. Juggling different markets, audiences, brands or products? Create a bespoke theme for each – and apply them in a click.

Built-in creative guidance

Get it right, first time, with smart creative controls that help you choose brand-approved media and animations. With built-in guardrails for different teams, brands & markets, there’s no confusion over what to use or how.

“Storykit is a genuinely simple tool, even for us who aren’t creative masterminds”

Emelie Linheden, Younium

See for yourself

Give us a few minutes and we’ll show you just how easy life can be when you Storykit it.