How Younium conquered video creation with Storykit

Younium aimed to reach CFOs and financial managers with videos but felt unprepared to create them themselves. They decided to hire an agency but soon discovered the process was too time-consuming. It wasn't until they found Storykit that they realized creating professional videos in-house could be genuinely simple.

"Video works really well for both customer testimonials and employer branding and our sales staff love to use videos."

Emelie Linheden
VP of Marketing

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For tech companies selling their solutions with a subscription model, billing often quickly becomes a mess. This is where Swedish Younium comes in to solve the dilemma that subscriptions cause. "Traditional systems cannot handle SaaS companies' complex payment models. So our customers turn to us when this problem has become too big of an administrative burden," says Emelie Linheden, VP of Marketing at Younium.

The Challenge

Emelie and her team want to reach CFOs or other financial managers.

CFOs at SaaS companies are a relatively small audience; how do you reach out to them?

– Many people think that CFOs aren't the most progressive audience, but I have worked with this audience for a long time and know how to reach them through traditional social channels. We use LinkedIn as our main channel, but we also work actively through communities on the local job market.

Younium tried to use an agency but it was not optimal.

An essential element of Younium's social media strategy is video.

– At my last job, we worked a lot with video, but this was at a huge, global company, and I seldom did anything hands-on. So instead, we hired an agency. This approach's problem was the long winded processes and clumsy machinery.

The Solution

A genuinely simple tool for Younium to work with.

When Emelie started working at Younium, she wanted to publish her customer testimonials in the feed quickly.

– I looked at various tools, and since Storykit is one of our clients, I wanted to try your solution. I immediately realised that "wow, I can do this all on my own"! This was during the pandemic when we couldn't visit and interview the clients, but with Storykit, I could make a video with only a picture and a quote.

That sounds like an efficient way of working!

– It is! I published several client videos in a very short time. After the pandemic, we can also go out and meet the clients, film them, and create videos using text, still images, and video clips.

According to Emelie Linheden, choosing Storykit had a lot to do with the simplicity of the tool.

– The bottom line is that I'm not really interested in creative tasks such as video creation and layout. I'd much rather work with text. Storykit is genuinely a simple tool, even for us who aren't creative masterminds.

– Additionally, getting started is super easy. I don't know how many times I have bought a new system, being promised that "it's so simple, it'll only take a couple of hours, and you'll be ready to go" when the system actually requires a lot of onboarding. But with Storykit, this was literally true. I was up and running in no time. I also have to say that your customer support is incredible. I always get a reply immediately, which is invaluable when I'm in the middle of creating a video and can't afford to wait for days without knowing how to solve the problem.

The Results

Now Emelie has onboarded almost everyone in her team in Storykit.

– In the beginning, I was the only one who made videos, but now I realize that everybody needs to be able to create videos. Now, our marketing coordinators and TA Partner are also working in Storykit. Just as I want everyone to be able to manage LinkedIn or Hubspot, everyone needs to be able to work in Storykit for us to work as efficiently as possible. I want video to be a go-to format, we must be able to have a short lead time. We do not have the time to bring in external help every time we want to make a video.

The goal is, of course, to make even more videos.

– Video works really well for both customer testimonials and employer branding, and our sales staff love to use videos. We have also started to explore using video to attract attention to our webinars, both before and after.

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