Video for everything

Need to stand out in social? Attract more leads? Launch a product? Share your glowing testimonials? Just see what happens when you Storykit it.

Social storytelling

Video pulls 59% more engagement than any other post on Facebook. Storykit makes publishing consistently great content easy.

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Employer branding

Why just tell people how brilliant you are to work for when you can show them? See why Storykit is an integral part of this real estate brand’s recruitment strategy.

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Lead generation

Guess what’s behind up to 60% more qualified leads? Video!

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Product info

72% of your audience want to learn about your products through video. You’re not doing to disappoint them, are you?

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Why have 96% of us watched a how-to video? Skip pages of instructions and show your users what to do instead.

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95% of us have been swayed by a review at some point. And when that review is a video, it’s even more powerful!

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See for yourself

Give us a few minutes and we’ll show you just how easy life can be when you Storykit it.