Storykit for Higher Education

Want to communicate crucial research or recruit more students? Video on social media will get you the results you need. And with Storykit, video content creation is as simple as writing a text.

"We want to tell people how we contribute to society and show we’re an important player. With Storykit, it’s easy to put together a video in just a few minutes. We use the tool for almost all communication."

Marie Hägg Zetterlund
Head of Social Media, University of Gävle

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Why should you use Storykit?

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Turn any text into compelling videos

Transform your ordinary information into extraordinary stories using AI. With Storykit everything can be a video.

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Stay on brand, and
on message

Skip the brand guidelines guesswork. Cut straight to stunning video that’s automatically on-brand for smooth approvals and faster publishing.

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Give everyone the power of video

With Storykit anyone in your company (including you) can make scroll-stopping, professional video content.

What's in it for you?

  • AI-powered text-to-video functionality
  • Turn all your text-heavy information into enticing video
  • Animations, styling and transitions
  • Royalty-free image, video & music libraries
  • Built in best practices, templates and presets
  • One click to adapt to formats, languages or channels
  • No watermarks ever

Want to learn how to do it?

Want to get more eyes on your research? Attract more students? Here’s how you can leverage video on social media to achieve your goals.

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Let us show you what you can do with Storykit

Tell us your video challenges and we’ll show you how Storykit can solve them. Get in touch with us, and get started today.