How Storykit helps this real estate company boost its HR strategy with video

The real estate company Einar Mattsson has long favored video as their primary format. Thanks to Storykit, they can now efficiently produce a high volume of video content.

"We see significant results: our videos get more views than the news, blog posts, images, and other material that we publish onto our other digital platforms."

Katarina Lorenz
Digital Project Manager

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Einar Mattsson is a family-owned company that owns, manages and develops properties and builds houses in Greater Stockholm.

The Challenge

Einar Mattsson knew video was important for their HR department and wanted to produce more.

It's increasingly important for HR departments to communicate with the audience on their terms. Video makes it possible to reach out beyond your regular users.

– People who apply to us have almost always seen one of our videos on social media, says Katarina Lorenz at Einar Mattsson.

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Among marketers, video has been an obvious format for several years, but more and more HR departments have also realized that video can give an edge, both for employer branding, recruitment and internal information.

The Solution

Storykit proved to be the ideal solution for Einar Mattsson's HR department as it enabled them to enhance their video production and streamline their workflow.

The Results

Einar Mattsson can produce large amounts of video with significant results.

– We see significant results: our videos get more views than the news, blog posts, images, and other material that we publish onto our other digital platforms. We are, for instance, doing very well on LinkedIn where we always make sure to share relevant news, says Katarina Lorenz, Digital Project Manager at Einar Mattsson.

Do you notice whether applicants to your company have seen your videos?

– Yes, they have almost always seen a video on our Facebook or LinkedIn page.

What is the most important aspect to you when it comes to using video for employer branding?

– To attract talent to our company. We want to find skilled individuals who genuinely want to work at one of Stockholm's largest real estate companies.

– It's also about strengthening the brand by having a solid social media presence. We are a family business, and we have a modest presence despite being active for over 90 years, so it's essential for us that new employees share our values

They can reach out on the user's terms.

When you work with communication, it's often important to divide your information everything into smaller segments. This is what Katarina and her colleagues often do by using video.

– Together with our HR department, we have discussed how to divide parts of the introduction into shorter Storykit videos. For instance, making several shorter videos about the company's policies or filming easily accessible videos about how we work on equality, diversity, and the like.

An important reason why all information needs to be available in video format is that many employees at Einar Mattsson don't sit at computers all day.

– Out of our 350 employees, almost 200 are stationed at our construction sites. A worker who assembles windows all day will have difficulty finding the time to read a long document on his mobile phone. If we send a link to a 60-second video, the probability is much greater that they will have time to watch it during their coffee break, lunch, or whenever mobile phone use is allowed, says Katarina Lorenz.

– As with all communication, we must ensure that we always communicate on the terms of the audience. We can write thousands of long texts, but if the audience does not comprehend the message, we have to rethink. That's why video, in combination with text and image, is ultimately unexcelled.

What is the role of your existing staff when it comes to your internal communication and employer branding?

– We notice a remarkable difference in commitment when we have asked the staff to shoot the videos. As soon as you see yourself or one of your colleagues on screen, it changes everything. It becomes something that people talk about, and we can see an immediate increase in views.

A low threshold for big achievements.

Since working in Storykit is so easy, many people at Einar Mattsson can create video, which has resulted in a remarkable increase in video production at the company.

– Using Storykit has lowered the threshold and allowed us to achieve a lot. We have also managed to make many employees interested in video creation since it's evident that videos have such a positive effect. As a result, many of my colleagues have started to use Storykit!

The opportunities are endless for Elinar Mattsson.

– There are so many things! We could work even more with video when it comes to the onboarding part, such as making videos for software introduction or for introducing new employees to our processes. Especially now, when many people are working remotely, we notice that people become accustomed to the work much faster if they have seen a video explaining how things work. It would be fantastic if the bosses could send new employees a welcome video to tell them how happy the company is to have them working there. It would be a great way to make them part of our culture since it can be challenging for new employees to get a feel for the company while working remotely.

– We also discuss transforming our entire personnel manual to Storykit videos. Instead of reading a lot of text as a comprehensive pdf, our employees can watch a video about everything from how our pensions work to the holiday rules.

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