Automating PostNord's brand communication & recruitment with Storykit

What does automating your video production with Storykit enable? Imagine creating 40 recruitment videos in one month just by pressing a button. Or transforming an internal policy into five unique videos, ready to be shared anywhere—from TV screens to articles to coffee machines. For PostNord, a top provider in Nordic logistics and parcel services, these scenarios are not just theoretical—they're actual achievements.

"Storykit allows us to create multiple unique videos at once and easily export them with the right dimensions for each of our platforms with one click."

Petra Almert, Employer Branding Specialist at PostNord

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Employing over 20,000 people, PostNord, a leading parcel and logistics operator in the Nordic region, manages distinct national companies unified by a Nordic approach to serve both local and international customers. In Sweden, PostNord is responsible for all mail services for citizens and businesses, while across the Nordics, the company handles extensive parcel and logistics operations with significant warehousing capabilities. Check out some creative ways they use video automation to enhance their internal communication and brand building. 

The Challenge

At PostNord, the challenge was clear: how to build up a strong employer brand for a company that is constantly recruiting and reach diverse audiences across multiple markets and languages. 

PostNord is a large company with over 20,000 people working across the Nordics. In Sweden alone, they aim to recruit 1,000 diverse employees just for the peak summer months.

With such large recruitment demands, Petra Almert, Employer Branding Specialist at PostNord Sweden, recognized the need to enhance their employer brand and attract the right candidates by using video on social media.  

Petra highlights the initial struggles:

– When I started, all we had were images and text for recruitment ads. I saw the trends on social media and knew that we urgently needed to embrace video to attract the right candidates, especially given the variety of roles we recruit for—from warehouse staff to drivers, students, and corporate heads.

Petra Almert, Employer Branding Specialist at PostNord

The company's reliance on external agencies was costly and inflexible, slowing down their ability to react dynamically in their communication efforts. 

Petra adds:

– When we used an agency, the process was slow, and it was a challenge to ensure our content resonated with such a diverse audience.

For a fast-paced company like PostNord, maintaining robust internal communications to keep their staff informed and motivated was also crucial.

Helen Ridger, Communicator at Group Level, faced challenges in disseminating important information to everyone internally.

– Before Storykit, our tools were limited. I could use text or record presentations with Microsoft Teams. However, editing them into something engaging or making short clips for targeted audiences was beyond our capability, which made internal communications quite static and unappealing.

Helen Ridger, Communicator at Group Level at PostNord

The Solution

The introduction of Storykit was a game-changer for PostNord. It empowered Petra and Helen to craft compelling on-brand video content that could be easily scaled and customized across different platforms, departments and needs.

Petra explains the transformation for recruitment:

– Using Storykit doesn’t just help us attract better candidates; it also raises our profile as a vibrant place to work. The tool’s flexibility means we can quickly produce content tailored to each recruitment effort, increasing our visibility.

For Helen, Storykit offers a newfound creativity and efficiency in internal communications:

– With Storykit, I can finally segment videos, add eye-catching intros, and directly insert relevant visuals. This not only makes our content more engaging but also significantly cuts down production times.

Here’s how PostNord is able to reach optimal productivity by automating their video creation. 

The more PostNord worked with Storykit, the more obvious it was that they had a couple of perfect use cases where the video creation process could be fully automated. Working closely with Storykit representatives, Petra and Helen tailored the tool to enable this process automation, where Storykit creates exactly the videos PostNord wants to have. Automatically. 

Here are the features that make this possible:                                                           

1. Custom brand rules

The first feature they have in place is custom brand rules.

Custom brand rules enable PostNord to control the visual aesthetics of their videos by limiting the types of animations, assets, and effects used. This standardization ensures that all videos are pre-approved, fostering on-brand output while allowing others in the company to create freely, adhering to approved standards. 

2. Custom animations

The next feature they have is custom animations.

Custom animations allow PostNord to incorporate elements unique to their brand identity, including transitions, shapes, and styling behaviors. These details have made their brand more recognizable and consistent, enhancing their presence on social media and internal communications. 

– The ability to tailor the design so closely to our visual identity is incredible. It's amazing that we have been able to achieve this, says Petra. 

Moreover, having custom animations has also bolstered consistency across different PostNord companies and countries.

– Storykit has made it simple to ensure all content is on-brand, without needing approval from our brand manager or constant revisions, says Petra.

3. Custom AI-templates

The third feature PostNord has is custom AI-templates.

Custom AI-templates enable PostNord to combine the controlled visual design they created with controlled storytelling. In other words, when they put content into Storykit’s AI, fully tailor-made storytelling prompts create a controlled narrative that guarantees the story will come out exactly the way PostNord wants it—including in the right dimensions. 

For recruitment, they have three custom AI-templates that allow them to take one recruitment ad and create three unique videos tailored for their social channels. 

For communications, they have five custom AI-templates that allow them to take an article, press release, internal document, etc. and create five unique videos tailored for their distribution channels. This even include custom dimensions for display on coffee machines.

Petra highlights the practical benefits for recruitment:– For me, the ability to quickly produce videos tailored for specific roles, whether it’s a driver in northern Sweden or a warehouse worker in the south, is invaluable.

Here is an example of two similar recruitment videos that Petra created for specific roles across Sweden:

4. Multi-output

The final feature they have is multi-output.

Multi-output enables PostNord to group together all of their AI-templates. This means that Helen and Petra can just click one button, and all videos will be produced automatically, at the same time.

For employer branding and recruitment campaigns, Petra notes how Storykit’s custom campaigns have streamlined PostNord’s video creation:

– We mainly use platforms like Meta, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for recruitment, targeting students on summer break. Storykit allows us to create three unique videos at one time and easily export videos with the right dimensions for each platform in one click.

When it comes to internal communication, Helen explains how Storykit’s process automation has improved her ability to share information drastically: 

– They say it takes seven touch points for a message to resonate, so for internal communication, we produce five unique videos from a single document and distribute them in various places—topping articles on Viva Engage, displaying on large screens throughout the office, on LinkedIn, and even integrating into our coffee machines. In addition, each video that is created is automatically rendered in the correct dimensions for each placement. It saves me a ton of time.

– Having multi-output means I never have to start from scratch. I can create videos fast and adapt them as needed, which greatly assists in conceptualizing content, says Helen.

Another thing Helen can do is share the video with local communicators so they can adapt it to their needs.

Here are five video examples created from the CEO's letter in PostNord's Q1 report, which Helen produced in one go using multi-output:

1. Video for on-page

2. Video for their intranet Viva Engage

3. Video for coffee screens

4. Video for LinkedIn

5. Video for office screens

The Results

Cohesive brand identity across the Nordics

Since each PostNord company operates in different markets, it is important to maintain a consistent brand identity. With the integration of Storykit, over eight PostNord companies across the Nordics now maintain a unified brand appearance:

– Storykit makes it easier to maintain consistency and the same look across all communications, whether it's external or internal, employer branding, or recruitment ads, says Petra.

Helen notes: 

– Now, if I create a video from an article, I can share it with communicators in other PostNord companies, providing them with an ID to translate it into Norwegian or Finnish for local use.

Enhanced employee brand and better recruitment

Petra has experienced a substantial increase in productivity, saying: 

– Last month, I was able to post around 40 recruitment ads across various channels. This would never have been possible without Storykit.

Being able to grow their brand presence in this way through video has resulted in:

  • Increased brand visibility: Students are more aware of PostNord, frequently ranking it as a desirable place to work.
  • Growing popularity of their Graduate Program: PostNord’s ability to showcase the graduate program has significantly boosted its popularity among potential candidates.

Petra adds: 

– Using video doesn’t just help attract candidates but it has also raised awareness of us as a company and helped get our message out and what we are doing in an effective way.

Stronger internal communication

Helen has noticed that producing videos for their internal communications has been particularly effective, especially for use on their coffee machines.

– These videos are really effective. Everyone sees them at the coffee machines, and since they're just 15 to 20 seconds long, they make a big impact.

Here are two examples of videos that were created for company communications:

What is your favorite thing about Storykit?

When it comes to working with Storykit, PostNord really values the support they receive. Helen says: 

– I didn't expect to receive such outstanding support. Our contact is incredibly devoted and proactive, assisting us in many unexpected ways. Both digital and physical meetings have proven to be excellent learning opportunities.

PostNord has also introduced monthly digital creative sessions where attendees can learn new tips from the Storykit team.

Helen adds:

– Once a month, we who sit at the same office gather for a creative session that lasts an hour. Sometimes, our Storykit representative even joins us. We truly are spoiled with support.

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