How Listgrove gained 20,000 followers in a year on LinkedIn with video

Listgrove, a private recruitment company, recognized the importance of improving their social media presence and incorporating videos into their marketing strategy. By using Storykit, Listgrove is able to create high-quality videos in-house without any prior experience and achieve significant growth in their social media following.

"When we started using Storykit we had 58,000 followers on LinkedIn and now we have 78,000."

Airelle Charra
Director of Marketing

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Listgrove is a global recruitment & HR specialist that specifically supports organisations operating in the plastics, packaging, recycling, chemical and petrochemical sectors.

The Challenge

Listgrove needed a new way to boost their social media presence.

As a small company working on a global scale, Listgrove recognized the need to improve their presence on social media.

The marketing team at Listgrove headed by Airelle Charra, Director of Marketing, understood the importance videos could play on social media and were interested in learning how they could incorporate it into their strategy.

The Solution

When Listgrove found Storykit they didn't need any prior video experience.

When they discovered Storykit: "The timing was perfect," says Airelle.

Getting started with Storykit was a breeze for the Listgrove team because they didn’t need any prior knowledge of video creation. Listgrove received onboarding support right from the beginning to help them overcome any obstacles they might face.

"The customer service has been really helpful. From the start, every time we had a question, we had a reply within the hour — which is impressive,” says Airelle.

The video platform is used for the following:

  • Team promotion
  • Client testimonial
  • Job vacancy
  • Latest news and events about Listgrove

Storykit has made it easier for them to post regularly on Twitter and Instagram too.

"Each video we create can be adapted to the right formats for the other channels in the platform. It's very easy to use and all ready to go," says Airelle.

The Results

In just one year of regularly posting videos, Listgrove saw a 28% growth in followers on LinkedIn.

When Listgrove adopted Storykit, their strategy was to post videos consistently on LinkedIn to improve brand awareness and increase their followers. In just one year of regularly posting videos, the marketing team was able to earn 20,000 more followers to their LinkedIn account.

“When we started we had 58,000 followers and now we have 78,000,” says Airelle.

Having the tools to create high-quality videos quickly and in-house opened the door for new and creative opportunities at Listgrove.

Being able to present themselves in a new way has made Listgrove more visible and they can see that they’re having an impact on their clients and candidates.

And what makes it even better, is that the marketing team at Listgrove loves doing them.

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