How the EPF is revamping their communication strategy with video

The EPF, a french public institution specializing in land recycling, needed a better way to explain what they do to potential partners, cities and employees. Thanks to Storykit, they can now make clear and engaging videos that make complex subjects understandable to everyone.

"Storykit helps us communicate in a dynamic and modern way, on subjects that need to be understandable to everyone."

Aurélie Minguet Ammeux
Head of Communication

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The EPF is a French public institution that gives new life to unused or contaminated land and buildings through land recycling. With their projects related to land management, urban planning, and environmental sustainability, they're champions of sustainable development practices in France. Checkout some of their Storykit videos below!

The Challenge

The EPF wanted to find a way to differentiate themselves from others and explain to potential partners, cities and employees what they do.

The EPF, a French public institution that specializes in land recycling, operates within a unique niche, making it challenging to communicate their messages to both partners and potential recruits.

Aurélie also saw an opportunity to strengthen their internal communication with personalized videos that are a little more fun.

Aurélie Minguet Ammeux, Head of Communication at the EPF in France, saw the potential that video could have for their internal and external communications. 

She knew that external service providers that require long deadlines and large budgets wouldn’t be the right fit and wanted to find a tool they could use in-house.

The Solution

When Aurélie found Storykit, it offered exactly what they were looking for.

— Storykit stood out to me since it is an online tool with which you can work independently.

Compared to other solutions Aurélie had talked to, it felt like Storykit could offer the support as well as the features they needed.

Storykit offered the resources to create complete videos for multiple platforms.

— The technical solution seemed really complete to us. I needed videos for social networks and internal communications on our intranet, to pass messages for recruitments which were a bit complicated.

Storykit’s solution is perfect because it offers ready-made templates along with a large library of imagery and music that makes it easy for Aurélie and her team to put videos together quickly.

— What I really like about Storykit is that when we write a script today, we have several ways to deploy it, whether it is very guided with templates or not.

— It is also great having a large database of images and video clips because we are always able to find images that correspond to the message we want to convey. So creating videos is really easy and quite simple, and when we need help we just call our customer success manager who finds a solution, which is also really enjoyable.

The Results

The EPF’s internal communication is stronger than ever.

— We have several types of videos that we make. Some are long and some are very short. For instance, we have standard internal communications that we put on our intranet to notify employees about events coming up.

The EPF will also be launching an internal interview campaign that will make it easier for them to navigate internal resources like documents.

— Those kinds of videos help to motivate people internally and make communication more dynamic and interactive.

The videos they release externally make it easier for their target audience to understand what they do and the impact they make.

— With video we can really show everything that we do.

The EPF creates a number of external videos explaining what they do, what sites they work on, and the themes on which they work: biodiversity, innovation, etc.

— In our videos, we do a lot of talking about land recycling. However, we have other missions that are closely connected to this such as preserving biodiversity, flora and fauna, and asbestos recycling — the types of things that are important for the environment but not very fun and pretty to read about. For instance, currently, we are creating a short video about biodiversity, inspired by the Peregrine falcons that are nesting.

— Storykit helps us communicate in a dynamic and modern way, on subjects that need to be understandable to everyone.

Video is a great tool to boost brand awareness.

The EPF is also focusing on creating a lot of videos that boost their brand image and reputation.

— We have a lot of open positions in recruitment and we have a real need to stand out. When you say the words ‘land recycling’, it’s not necessarily something that generates excitement. So it’s important that we explain why it’s worth joining us for future recruits.

— Video is really a medium that stands out in social networks and reaches the target we want to catch.

Achieving more engagement and getting creative are some of the benefits the EPF is seeing.

— Around the holidays we created a video advent calendar and had great feedback from everyone who received it. Some of the board of directors, who are also elected officials, told us that they took pleasure every morning in opening their computers and seeing what would be there. This was a victory for us since on the branding side it worked well.

They have also noticed that their video posts on social media get more views and shares than posts with just text and images.

— Our staff also uses our videos in meetings because they are so easy to share.

Do you have any final thoughts you would like to share?

— Since starting with Storykit, we really appreciate the regular meetings that we have with our customer success manager because when you invest in a solution like this where you are not experts, typically promises are made and you start strong, but then the support and momentum gradually fade away.

— I think that the human support you get with Storykit really makes it the complete solution. Having this type of support is often promised, but with Storykit, they have really followed through. It feels like we are on an annual contract that is truly shared, and that's highly appreciated.

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