ACTA Medical is transforming health education one video at a time

Berit Sund, MD and Senior Consultant at ACTA Medical, is on a mission to make health and science information fun and engaging. By using Storykit to create informative videos, she's been able to captivate her audience like never before. The best part? She's making a real impact in people's lives and having a blast while doing it.

"Storykit is a fantastic tool to help enhance science or whichever story you want to create. It helps people with no video experience, like me, share our information and content in a much better way. In just three months, I've seen a 413% increase in engagement on LinkedIn."

Berit Sund
MD and Senior Consultant

See how they Storykit it

ACTA Medical is an education and communication-based company that specializes in providing medical communication and information for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as for biotech and healthcare advocates. Their mission is to gain a thorough understanding of the scientific and healthcare information available and analyze how it impacts our health behaviors, with the ultimate goal of helping people live healthier lives. See how they are achieving this with Storykit.

The Challenge

ACTA Medical wanted to find a way to make complex health information more accessible.

— I wanted to find a new solution because I love science — and am particularly passionate about gut health, which isn’t a super sexy topic — and wanted to find an engaging and accessible way to communicate information that is very important for both physical and mental health. 

Berit knew she wanted to try video but that professional bespoke videos weren’t the answer.

As someone who works in the medical field, Berit knew that video was a great way to communicate health information. However, she also knew that professional bespoke video shoots take too much time, energy and money and that they aren't formatted for social audiences.

— There is a trend now towards providing bite-sized, on-the-go, evidence-based information that's available in a digestible way. Since people tend to scroll quickly through platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter when seeking health information, it's crucial to make important research and evidence available in a way that's accessible to them.

Berit knew that if she wanted to stand out on platforms like LinkedIn, she needed to be able to distribute her information through bite-sized and informative videos that she could create herself.

The Solution

Storykit’s text first video is the perfect way for Berit to take her health communication to the next level.

When Berit discovered Storykit, she was able to take her text-heavy posts on LinkedIn and transform them into easily digestible text-first videos instead. 

— Making videos out of text is great. Being a scientist, I think it is really great to have the text and video together, to really digest important health information. I didn’t think it would be possible for me to create videos like these due to cost, time and resources, but with Storykit it is. 

Berit was able to start publishing videos right away. 

Prior to Storykit, Berit had experience only with traditional video production. This was the first time she used video software herself.

— From getting to know the software to publishing my first video went really fast. When onboarding, the Storykit support team really helped me understand how to get the most out of the Storykit tool which is really valuable because it makes you an expert and helps you get up and running really quickly. 

In addition to learning how to use the tool, the Storykit support team also helped Berit learn how to tell her stories in the best way.

— The personalized support from Storykit made a huge difference in really understanding how best to tell the story because I’m a bit of a science nerd at heart and go on and on. With the support from my customer success manager at Storykit, I was able to focus on what story to tell and how to tell it so that it is engaging.

In addition, the library of videos and images that Berit has access to as a Storykit user helps her enhance her stories when she’s creating them.

— The platform helps me to shape the health story, or scientific story, with images so it is more impactful. This makes it more accessible too because text and images are fine alone, but they're traditional and not as fun. I think science should be fun as well as informative.

The Results

After just a few months of posting, Berit has been getting more engagement than ever before.

Berit has been able to create videos about medical information that is perfect for social media platforms where her audience and customers are.

— The results with the Storykit videos have been amazing. In just three months, I saw a 413% increase in engagement on LinkedIn.

And after one year, video with Storykit has helped ACTA grow:

  • 6,785% in impressions
  • 7,094% in boosted engagements
  • 300% in reach

— They’ve also created alot of interesting discussions on LinkedIn, both in terms of the videos themselves, as well as the gut health and microbiome content that I’m sharing.

In addition, Berit has had people contact her separately through DMs and in conversation at industry events.

— I have had people come up to me and say, “I’ve seen your videos on LinkedIn and I love them.” I used to get a little bit of engagement, but certainly, no one ever came up to me at a party and said “I love your gut health videos”, and they do now with Storykit.

By making complex topics more accessible, ACTA Medical is making a difference in people’s health.

For Berit, it is really important that people not only engage with messages but that they actually learn something and act on something that they didn't know the week before — in terms of gut health they might eat differently next week. 

— The feedback that I am getting is that people understand the complex topics better. So the videos from Storykit really help you communicate complex topics in a really engaging and fun way. 

— The best thing is when they actually say, I’ve watched your video, I’ve learned something and I want to learn more. That’s an amazing thing.

Berit sees an opportunity to make more videos in the future and distribute them on more platforms.

 — These text videos are also ideal for my website and health blog that is due to launch in the next few weeks and I think we will also use them for Instagram and Twitter over time.

How many videos do you create currently? 

— I post 2-3 times a week and make around 10+ Storykit videos in a month. I plan to ramp that up when I move full-time with the website and health blog! 

Do you have any final thoughts you would like to add?

— Storykit is a fantastic tool to help enhance science or whichever story you want to create. It helps people with no video experience, like me, share our information and content in a much better way.

— I think that investment in time and resources really pays back many times over in the feedback and engagement with your customers and with people in general.

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