Grünenthal is elevating their corporate communication with video

In a prominent pharmaceutical company like Grünenthal, the Global Communication Team's main focus is to ensure every message associated with the company is presented in the best way possible across their channels. Sometimes this means creating a .ppt presentation, sometimes it's through an image, but when it’s a video, Storykit is the ultimate solution.

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"When we got Storykit, our goal was that everyone who creates content should also be able to create videos with Storykit. And that’s exactly what we do."

Christopher Jansen - Grünenthal

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Grünenthal is a global pharmaceutical company with operations spanning 28 countries and a workforce of approximately 4,400 employees. The company manages the entire pharmaceutical value chain internally, covering research, production, and marketing with a focus on the development of medications for pain-related conditions. Check out some of the video examples below to see how Grünenthal uses video to support their corporate communication.

The Challenge

As a big multinational company, it is extremely important that all corporate communication is presented in the best possible way.

This is something that Christopher Jansen, Communication Business Partner at Grünenthal, and the Global Communication Team are working hard to achieve. 

– There are many topics that need to be staged in the best possible way. Sometimes it’s with a picture, sometimes it is with a video and sometimes it is something else. We need to create whatever serves the topic and if it is video then we need to be able to create it ourselves.

Christopher was looking for a budget-friendly tool that anyone, even those without video production or graphic design skills and background could use.

Global Communication is the department, where all the company's topics, messages and information come together to be distributed to Grünenthal's target groups. Within the team, each member has their own specific area of expertise. While Christopher is deep into R&D related topics, others handle production, finance, M&A and employer branding.

– We needed to equip our team with a tool that enables everyone on the team to create a short video about whatever topic is at hand and thus enhance our video output and in return enhance the variety of our communication. 

The Solution

Christopher wanted to make sure that if a video needed to be made, anyone on the team could do it.

Storykit enabled everyone in Grünenthal’s Global Communication Team to create videos if they needed them—without losing time waiting on external resources.

The most impressive thing about Storykit is the speed.

– Once you’re in the tool and know how to use it, the speed at which you can create is impressive. 

– For a communicator, it is normal to receive three PowerPoint slides from someone who says, 'So, this is my input. Can you work with it?' And with Storykit, I can basically say okay, I'm going to make a video out of it. And, 15 minutes later it's done. I think that's great.

Storykit gives Grünenthal the ability to reuse the professional footage they have in new and creative ways. 

– If we have an idea for a new video, and existing material would be well suited for its visualisation, we don't need to call the original production company and say, "You filmed this with us a year ago. Can you revisit it and edit it like this."

– Instead we can take the footage, put it in Storykit and create a new video ourselves in 5 minutes.

The AI function in Storykit is also great for idea generation and speed.

– We frequently experiment by copying an entire text into Storykit AI to see how the system transforms it into a video. There are instances where it works seamlessly and other times when adjustments are necessary. However, in terms of speed and the volume of content we can generate, it's a fantastic feature to have.

The Results

Storykit gives Grünenthal the ability to present their topics in the best possible way.

– When we got Storykit, our goal was that everyone who creates content should also be able to create videos with Storykit. And that’s exactly what we do. 

How does Grünenthal decide what should be made into a Storykit video?

Christopher has found that Storykit's blend of text and images is highly effective for their informational videos. This makes it easy for them to determine what kind of news should be supported with a Storykit video.

Here are a few examples: 

Lists of facts and figures 

– If we are presenting a topic where we list 3, 4, 5 interesting facts and figures then this would of course be a Storykit video. 

See more video examples on Grünenthal's website here: Planet – What we do for a sustainable future | Responsibility | Grünenthal

Project Milestones

– When one of our Projects hits a milestone, we must briefly explain its meaning, significance and implications to our audience. An explanatory Storykit video is a great way to do so. 

See how Grünenthal uses video to further their stories on their website here: The story of Resiniferatoxin (RTX)

Company branding

– We also recently created a 'Grünenthal at a Glance' video. It features various snippets of clips from different areas across our organization. We combined these with company facts and figures, added the title 'Grünenthal at a Glance,' and posted it on Linkedin. It performed really well. 

Thanks to Storykit, Grünenthal is able to distribute the same video in more places in the right dimensions. 

Grüthenthal’s most prominent distribution channel is Linkedin. However, they also have an active presence on Instagram and display a number of videos on their website and intranet. 

– Storykit offers a big advantage when it comes to using the same video on different channels. You can create your 4:5 portrait video for LinkedIn, and with just one click, you can effortlessly generate a landscape video for your website.

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