They are saving over 1,2 million EUR per year by using Storykit

Look what they made in Storykit

What do they think about Storykit?

Last year, Dominika Dzielak at Dun & Bradstreet made 119 videos in 17 different languages. When she calculated the company’s savings by making the videos in Storykit, she was surprised.
– If I would have hired an agency to carry out this work, it would have cost us 12 495 000 SEK, over 1,2 million EUR.

When Dominika Dzielak started working at Dun & Bradstreet (then named Bisnode), almost no video content was made in her department.
– I worked with video at my last job, and I knew it would make a big difference here as well, so I started working with video through different agencies. But I quickly realised that process would be both cumbersome and expensive.

With a large number of markets, where every video is translated to 17 languages, the costs quickly escalated, which resulted in the company not being able to localise their content for all markets.

No other product was comparable

When Dominika later entered the role of Group Content Lead and stumbled into Storykit, she knew that the tool would be the perfect fit.

– It was a rapid decision. The purchasing division helped me to conduct meticulous research to find out whether there would be any other tool that could match our needs whilst at the same time being simple to use and accessible. We didn’t find any product comparable to Storykit.

–Having leaders who trust internal expertise also helped speed up the decision. Our CMO Anna Albinsson, and my manager Lena Dour-Andersson dare to invest in pioneering initiatives and innovative MarTech.

Today Dominika is working with a sophisticated video content strategy across all markets.

– All companies produce plenty of written content, not the least for the purpose of SEO. Now we can make all these texts into video too. We make videos for client cases, press releases, when releasing trend reports, for products, webinars… Pretty much everything!

Dominika makes the master video herself and then shares it with the local offices.

– I ping them: “Now we have a new video in Storykit”, ready for them to start translating. The day after, the video is published on other markets. We are saving an incredible amount of time!

They save over 1,2 million EUR

Recently Dominika concluded that not only does the company save time, but also significant amounts of money by using Storykit.

– I requested quotas from an agency to make a similar video, and the maths was simple: a master video would cost us 2 000 EUR. Every adaption to a new language would cost us 500 EUR per market. That is 10 500 EUR per video. I made 119 videos last year, which would have cost the company 1 249 500 EUR, having had them made through an agency.

That’s astonishing!

– Yes, I got a bit surprised myself. Moreover, Storykit has opened plenty of opportunities for us! Earlier, the local offices barely made any videos – it was too complex and a waste of time. Now that it only takes a couple of minutes to translate the copy in a master video, my European colleagues request Storykit-videos for everything we do.


Parts of the marketing team at Dun & Bradstreet.

Video content is now being used across several departments.

– The sellers love having client cases in video format in their sale pitches. HR uses Storykit for employer branding and recruitment in social media. The product team makes internal product presentations, and our digital marketeers are making paid ads using the tool.

In the future, Dun & Bradstreet will work even more with video.

– We will start using Storykit in several big markets, including China, India and the U.S. The markets I’ve displayed the tool for are super excited to get started.

Dominika Dzielaks best tips for your video content strategy

  1. Start with acknowledging that video is one of the best formats for social media. It is engaging and easy to share.
  2. Remember that all texts you write can become videos too. All companies have so many texts, such as articles, blog posts and press releases. Make videos out of them as well!
  3. “Content is king, but distribution is queen”. It’s essential to invest time into distribution as well. Otherwise, there is a risk that the content disappears in the feed.