BKS Bank is proving that video CAN be used for everything

In a world hungry for more video content, BKS Bank is leading the charge, championing the use of video in every facet of their communication and marketing strategy. The result? A notable uptick in audience engagement both externally and internally.

"My team uses video for everything. I honestly don’t think that we could live without it anymore."

Marion Jester, Head of Communications, PR and Strategy at BKS Bank
Head of Communications, PR and Strategy

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Meet BKS Bank, a well-established bank headquartered in Austria that employs a workforce of over 1,100 individuals spread across six different countries. BKS Bank offers a diverse range of financial services to cater to both individual and corporate clients. Get ready to dive into the exciting world of BKS Bank and discover how they harness the power of video for their cutting-edge marketing and communication initiatives.

The Challenge

Meeting the rising demand for more video content can be a daunting task, especially when you're unsure about the right approach to video production.

Marion Jester, Head of Communications, PR and Strategy at BKS Bank, found herself in this predicament as her team consistently requested more video content. The pressure was mounting from both external and internal sources, all wanting more volume.

– Everywhere, from outside the company and also inside the company, there was a huge need for video content. 

– Externally, our Social Media Manager insisted on more video content for platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Videos were becoming more popular than photos and delivered better conversion rates.

– And then on the other hand, internally we faced the challenge of distributing a bunch of written content to our staff. Given our strict banking environment, we have a lot of information that needs to be effectively communicated, making video an appealing option.

However, BKS Bank encountered significant bottlenecks in the production process.

– While I was using some agencies to create videos, the process was long, hard, and very costly. 

For instance:

  • In 2020, BKS Bank launched a marketing campaign and produced only one video.
  • In 2021, another video was needed for a new product launch. This 40-second video, although containing text, was time-consuming and challenging to create due to asset search and extensive briefings. And to top it off, the final result didn't meet Marion's expectations.
  • Later in 2021, two more product videos were produced for marketing campaigns. This brought the total number of videos to three by the end of 2021.

After two years of this, Marion knew it was time to find a more efficient solution. That's when she discovered Storykit.

The Solution

When Marion first became aware of Storykit, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities because she had never thought about video in this way before. 

– Originally I was thinking that I needed to hire someone to train my team to use Adobe Premiere. Then I had a 30-minute demo with Storykit and realized that this approach with text-based videos is exactly what we need. 

– I think that text-based videos are so much better than animated videos or fancy films with voiceovers. They are so much easier to consume if you’re sitting on a bus or waiting for somebody. Also, I think that 20, 30-second short-form videos are better for hooking viewers. Personally, when I watch videos, my attention is primarily focused on the beginning, and if it fails to engage me, I'm less likely to continue watching

Given BKS Bank's status as a bank, there were concerns about security, data protection, and regulatory compliance before signing on.

– Even though we had a lot of questions, the entire process was really smooth with fast answers to all our inquiries. 

– And right when we signed the contract, we got access to our license, and everything was there. In a minute. It was really cool. 

Once they signed, BKS Bank wasted no time learning from Storykit resources.

Even before signing, Marion began sharing content from Storykit's website with her team, including how to write a good script, what slides are available in the tool, etc. Her goal was to ensure everyone was prepared when they got the tool.

They also listened to the Storykit webinars for inspiration. 

– The webinars were great because we could ask questions and since they’re on demand we could watch them over again and get re-inspired. 

What truly set Storykit apart was the customer-centric approach.

From the moment they signed, their Customer Success Manager was readily available to support and educate them.

– Our Customer Success Manager had a great dialogue with me as a customer and was always there to answer any questions quickly when we had them. 

Maintaining their corporate design was crucial, and Storykit made it effortless to create videos that aligned with the BKS Bank brand.

– Our corporate design is really essential for me, and I wanted to make sure that we had something that looks like BKS Bank. The easy theme customization, color matching, and logo placement made this simple. 

BKS Bank loves using their own footage to enhance their brand identity as well, and the Storykit platform makes it easy to do.

– I love going through old assets and popping them in Storykit to make our brand stand out. Additionally, I frequently arrange for professional cameramen to conduct interviews, and then I integrate this footage into our Storykit videos. This approach allows us to create multiple professional videos that truly showcase our brand.

– For instance, last year, we embarked on a project where we captured authentic BKS Bank footage. We then blended this footage with content from Storykit to create something unique.

The Results

“Storykit always says videos, videos, videos. Videos for everything. And now for a year and a half, we’ve embraced this philosophy wholeheartedly.”

– My team uses video for everything now. I honestly don’t think that we could live without it anymore.

Internally, the main reason BKS Bank utilizes video is to keep their employees informed.

– Working in a bank often involves a lot of reading. People need to consume a lot of information in order to do their jobs effectively. 

– Videos make it much easier to digest and summarize essential information. With video I can sum up the most important things that people need to know. 

Externally, BKS Bank places a strong emphasis on educating their audience with video, tailoring its approach to different social media platforms.

Facebook and Instagram

– On platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we target regular people seeking banking solutions for their everyday lives. The age group on Facebook typically ranges from 19 to 40, while Instagram draws a younger audience, making video content particularly effective.


– My role primarily revolves around managing our LinkedIn channel, which serves as a platform for PR and communicating information such as financial reports. On the PR front, we typically produce around four videos a month.

BKS Bank is using video for their ads on social media as well. 

– When we make videos there are times when I share our videos with our professional marketing in order to check if we meet all corporate design elements and their feedback is consistently positive.

– Our social media team keeps telling us to continue to make more videos that they can use because people love them and they are seeing a better conversion rate.

Here is a list of some of the awesome videos BKS is making.

1. Employer branding videos

– These videos primarily aim to attract potential talent to join BKS Bank by providing a comprehensive look into our organization. We use video to give insights into BKS Bank as an employer of choice.

2. Product marketing videos

– For classical marketing purposes, we use videos to announce and showcase new products. These videos serve as a compelling way to draw attention to our latest offerings, encouraging our audience to explore them further.

3. Localized content for different markets

– We serve multiple markets, so we also localize our videos by translating them from Slovenian to Croatian, for example.

4. PR and company information

– We use video to communicate important information about our company, such as financial reports. 

5. Fun holiday content

– Since we are a bank, most of our communication is serious. But on holidays, we like to include some fun content as well to entertain our audience.

6. Encouraging interns to get creative

– We also encourage our interns to make videos. They always think it’s really fun to get in the tool and be creative.

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