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Thanks to Storykit, the British company Gridlines has reduced its video production time by 90%. – I wouldn't be able to create video this fast and in such high quality with any other tool, says Oliver Durston, Marketing Manager at Gridlines.

"I wouldn't be able to create video this fast and in such high quality with any other tool."

Oliver Durston
Marketing Manager

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Gridlines is a British financial modelling company that supports their clients with financial modelling, valuations and due diligence.

The Challenge

Gridlines needed to find the right tool.

When the British financial modelling company decided to invest in video production for their social channels, they spent quite a bit of time searching for the ultimate tool.

– Due to my previous experience with Premiere Pro, we decided to compare it to Adobe Spark and Storykit, says Oliver Durston, marketing manager at Gridlines.

They performed a simple test: Oliver made the exact same video using the three video tools.

– It took me four hours to finish the video in Premiere Pro. It was a bit quicker with Adobe Spark, but I encountered some technical limitations, which was annoying. With Storykit, I managed to finish the video in less than half an hour, although I was a beginner.

What were the results?

Oliver gathered his colleagues to show them all three videos without telling them what software he had been using.

– Everyone thought that the Storykit video was best, by far. And I was happy because I preferred Storykit: it's far more intuitive than the other tools, I really enjoy the built-in video library, and the support has been great.

The Solution

Storykit makes it quick and easy for Gridlines to tell a lot of stories.

Since then, Oliver has been able to dish out the company's stories quickly and efficiently.

– We have many stories to tell, and we have established a quick process. At this point I know how to structure a manuscript and what is needed, so it's easy for us to discuss a topic and put together a video. This is a great advantage, especially when we want to talk about a current topic.

The Results

Gridlines produces quality videos that receive a lot of engagement.

Oliver's work has yielded positive results.

– Our videos are easily our most engaged with content. We always see a big spike in engagement when we have published a video.

Speed and simplicity are essential to Oliver, but he is also very pleased with the level of professionality.

– We've tried to replicate organizations with high performing social channels by matching and exceeding the quality of their video production. Our team is too small to reach these specific channel's production rate, but we wanted to match the quality of their videos, which I think we do with Storykit.

Oliver would also like to use the tool to make short documentaries in the future.

– I would like to make them in Storykit without digging too much into other software. I'm quite proficient in Premiere Pro, but using it to create every video from scratch would take way too long. Working in Storykit reduces my video production time by 90%.

This is not just something Oliver says.

– We are constantly striving to optimise our processes, and hence we measure how much time we spend on each video. I would never be able to create video so quickly and in such high quality with any other tool.

Oliver will soon be onboarding two new colleagues to the Storykit team.

– Once they have learned the software, they'll never want to use any other video tool.

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