grew 2900% on Youtube – with Storykit

Since last summer, the biggest business site in Poland, has grown 2900% on Youtube. What happened? They started creating short videos with Storykit.

"We have increased our number of viewers on Youtube by a massive 2900% and seen a 25% increase in subscribers."

Paweł Sołtys
Chief of Audio Visual

See how they Storykit it is a trusted financial and business website since 2000, providing content and tools to assist with money management decisions. They aim to offer reliable and valuable information on investing, personal finance, taxes, and running a business.

The Challenge

There was a shift from text to video and knew they needed to do something on Youtube.

The business site is one of the most visited websites in Poland, but the last few years they have seen a rapid shift from text to video.

– We knew we had to do something on Youtube. But Youtube in Poland is filled with entertainment, not business news, says Paweł Sołtys, Chief of Audio Visual.

They were posting traditional business videos on their channel but struggled to reach out to their audiences.

– Since we were telling business stories, many of our users perceived them as difficult and complicated. Also, the formats we were producing were quite time-consuming, many of our videos were 30-40 minutes long. And, as we all know: time is money.

The Solution

Storykit enabled to start creating short videos.

Paweł and his team realized they had to take action and do something else, so they started using Storykit Video Studio, and combined forces with digital marketing specialists.

– Paweł gave me free hands and pretty much told me: this is the content we currently produce, but we should try something else, says Agata Zych, Social Media Specialist at had just started working with Storykit, and the tool was a superb fit for Agata's strategy.

– We introduced short videos and began working strategically with them.

To create the most significant impact Agata, Paweł’s video team and’s editors started working as a video newsroom with focus on real time search optimization.

– Every morning we are exchanging ideas and do our daily planning. What topics are trending? Do we have video material? Which story can be told better with a video instead of text, says Agata.

– We always work hard to create something different. We know that the classic business videos, often interviews with bald guys in ties, don’t work on Youtube or social media, says Paweł.

The Results saw a 2900% increase in viewers.

The results? Since the introduction of short videos and their new strategy they have increased their number of viewers on Youtube with a massive 2900% and seen a 25% increase in subscribers. And they don’t want to stop there:

– We want to be the biggest Youtube community in terms of business in Poland, says Paweł Sołtys.

Instead of filming bald guys in ties, Paweł’s team creates videos like these:

A social campaign in Portugal used Neymars overreaction on the field as a meeage not to call emergency number without a reason.

A social campaign in Portugal used Neymars overreaction on the field as a meeage not to call emergency number without a reason.

11 amazing tricks for succeeding on Youtube from Social Media Specialist Agata Zych:

  1. Always include the brand name in the title.
  2. Post videos regularly (each working day we post at least one video but more often than not we post up to three - mostly short videos up to 2 min).
  3. When creating content for YT look for what is trending (brainstorming with your team is also a good option).
  4. Also, YT analytics can show you the direction in which to go (what videos are performing well on the channel - maybe there is an update on the subject or something similar just came out).
  5. Make sure that the content you are offering to the viewer is of the highest possible quality.
  6. Make sure that the video thumbnail is sending the right message (the thumbnail suggested by YT more often than not is not the right one for the video).
  7. Create your own style of thumbnails, so the viewer automatically associates the video with your channel.
  8. Use the same set of tags for all your videos. This way YT will correlate your videos better - we don't mean that you should copy paste all of them, but having a few (6-7 phrases) that applies to all your videos is a good idea. Your brand name can be one of those phrases.
  9. Create a playlist and make sure they have SEO description.
  10. All your videos should have at least one playlist. This will, again, correlate them even more on YT.
  11. Update your channel page from time to time - every two months is more than enough: that includes preview video, rearranging the video blocks and so forth.

See for yourself

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