How TSL doubled its reach on social channels with video

When the pandemic hit and a huge number of people in Sweden were forced out of work, the TSL, which offers transition insurance to over 2 million professional workers, needed to communicate more effectively and quickly. To reach out to more people and scale up their video content, they started making videos in Storykit.

"Using Storykit, we could quickly start communicating about the support we offer."

Sofia Lund
Communications Strategist

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Trygghetsfonden TSL, a foundation owned by Swedish business and industry, offers insurance to over 2 million employees and 80,000 companies. They offer support for those who are dismissed due to lack of work, illness or termination of a limited-term employment.

The Challenge

TSL needed a way to communicate a lot of content quickly.

At TSL, a small but ambitious team manages their social media. That means creating a lot of content to communicate quickly to their million-strong audience, and sharing the knowledge they possess about transition support and industry news.

– In total, 70,000 companies and 2,000,000 professionals in commerce, hospitality and catering, manufacturing, transport and more are covered by our transition support. When the pandemic broke out, we were not able to visit everyone, so it was important that we had an extra presence where they were, which was on social media. In this way, we were able to spread our message in a quick and accessible way, says Sofia Lund.

– We already knew that video is an effective format to use on social media to reach and engage an audience, statistics also show that video has a greater impact than static images.

The Solution

They chose Storykit to help increase their reach.

To scale up their video creation and reach more people, Sofia and her team started making videos in Storykit. By posing more videos on social channels, they've seen a significant increase in their reach.

– Our motion-based content has helped us get a wider reach. Since we started making videos, we have a range of almost half a million people, and doubled our audience on several social platforms. Thanks to video, we're able to capture audiences in the important first few seconds of their feeds.

Do you have any tips for those who are considering making a lot of videos themselves?

– First of all, it's about getting to know your audience: what value can we bring? This is where Storykit is a perfect tool to use to get your message across in an appealing way. Aim for short, simple messages to maintain a constant presence on social platforms.

The Results

TSL can now create content that appeals to a huge audience.

2 million connected individuals is a huge audience, how do you create content that appeals to all of them?

– Firstly, we create comprehensive content that will appeal to the whole audience, for example, telling them about the support we offer. Then we also make sure to create content that is specifically aimed at individual professionals, for example. We do this simply by replacing images and videos.

– When a video is aimed at professionals in the hospitality industry, we might choose images of people in a commercial kitchen, and when we are targeting industrial workers, for example, we use images of people operating large machines or vehicles. Whatever your line of work, we can help you with conversion support, so we can easily reuse lots of videos.

They can create faster by working with templates.

How do you think Storykit differs from other video production platforms?

– The knowledge to create video in more complex production tools was there before, but the resources and ability to do it quickly were lacking. Making animations in that kind of video software just takes too long, says Sofia.

– Storykit also makes it easy to use templates for different types of videos. We never have to start from scratch when we want to produce a new video. The fact that it's also easy to use your own branding all the time adds enormous value for us. It's easy to keep a common thread in the graphic profile in Storykit.

Tell us how you work with templates in Storykit.

– The templates give me a head start in the creative process, because I never have to start over with a design. To make it easy for our audience to recognise us as a sender, we always try to keep a consistent graphic profile in our videos. We can seamlessly insert the text and images we want to use.

Do you think more organisations should use Storykit?

– I can definitely advise other organisations and companies to use Storykit! As well as being able to make a lot of videos in a short space of time as a communications professional, I also get great creative support from the support team, who always offer help and solutions!

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