Create all the video you need in a crisis​​​

When everything is turned upside down the demands for correct and efficiant information is higher than ever. Storykit has all the Story Templates to help you produce videos with a higher pace than you thought was possible.

Your Crisis Story Template Kit will include:

Have a look at all the Story Templates!

1. Latest Update

A format for constant updates. The Latest Update is reporting consists of a lot of good-to-know-information, expressed in very clear language with distinct “do this” instructions where needed.

2. What's Going On?

A more detailed look on what’s happening right now in the organization. This format should have clear time stamps to ensure the viewer is receiving correct information.

3. The Person in the Chaos

An organization consists of people. This format is suitable when you need to create an understanding for what’s happening.

4. Important Contacts

An effective format for presenting the contact paths the organization has opened up or want to steer the audience towards.

5. FAQ

Answering frequently asked questions in a video is extremely effective. This can also be a proactive thing to do.

6. Important Message

An ultra short, entirely text based format. Is has an urgent touch and feel to reach the audience with short and clear messaging.

7. Tips From the Expert

An simple format with clear and productive tips that addresses concerns and thoughts the viewers might have.

8. Interviewing the leader

A format for an interview with a representative of the organization. The video can provide further information by allowing the representative to answer questions.


We often update our Story Template Kits with new formats. Keep an eye out!

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