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"Storykit is incredibly quick, user-friendly, easy to collaborate in, and still extremely brand safe. We’ve increased our video production with 300% using the tool."
Martin Svensson
Communications Manager, Länsförsäkringar
"It would take me far too long to create videos with traditional video editing software. Storykit has been so important for me, because it saves me many hours. And the videos also look really great."
Christoffer Hiding
Marketing Coordinator
"I think that all companies should use Storykit. It's so easy and fun to work in.Today, I make one video daily, and it's safe to say that it's not my only responsibility at work"
Eva Dahlberg
Digital Communicator
"If you have a good story, anyone can create video content in Storykit. That is why the tool is so valuable for the quick and brief storytelling we do on a daily basis."
Jesper Carlson
Editorial Manager
"We made about 300 videos last year. That is probably 290 more than we would have done without Storykit. "
Sarah Larsson Bernard
Head of Social, SKF
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"Storykit was very easy to get started with and it is so user-friendly. It’s very cool that it becomes so uniform across the entire company, while we’re still able to be creative in the video creation process." 
Marie Holmberg
Talent Aquisition Lead
"Storykit is the perfect tool when we need to be fast but still work with high quality. This type of content, fully adapted for social media, really helps us reach through the noise."
August Jakobsson
Communications Officer
"Previously, we ordered videos via an agency, and it didn't give us a lot of videos for the price that we were paying. For the same price, I am now able to create as many videos as I want in Storykit – throughout an entire year."
Petra Lamorell
Marketing Manager
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"We see many opportunities and business areas for Storykit and the results are clear. For example, we have seen a 700% increase in CTR for the videos we make with Storykit, so the tool delivers fantastic results."
Sarah Sinclair
CEO Rocket Agency
"Last year, we published three videos throughout the year. Now, working with Storykit, we create three videos each week. The tool is so fun to work with and it is easy to create great results."
Maria Göransdotter
Marketing Manager
"We get terrific leads with the videos that we create. We get leads from companies that we would never have found unless they had seen our Storykit videos on social media channels." 
Robert Dahlquist
Digital Marketing Manager
"I consider video production to be one of the absolute best and most effective tools we have, as we strive to explain these issues in an easily accessible way. With Storykit you can start making simple videos right away."
Liselotte Lundström
Head of Digital Content

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