11 formats that will elevate your video content plan

Working with video will do wonders for every content marketing plan. And one of the secrets is to create a lot of videos. But how do I plan and execute a video content strategy with heaps of videos?

By using formats, of course! This is one of the oldest editorial tricks in the world, and we have put together 11 efficient Micro Story formats to help you get your stories out quicker.

Fill your video content plan with thumb-stopping formats

For all Storykit users: Below, you’ll find the examples, summaries, and storyboards you need to start using these formats immediately. Attached to every format, you’ll find a one-pager (or actually a three-pager…) where you can dig even deeper into the specific format. 

We promise you one thing: if you follow the instructions, you will be able to create a workflow where a minimum of input will lead to a crazy video production flow!

If you want all formats gathered in one full pdf, you can find it here.

Note: “Healthphones” is a totally made up company that we use to showcase these formats 🙂

Format #1: Person in Focus

Storyboard ID: 6034d048e23b0b0004068872

The idea for this format is to focus on the person first, with the organisational connection as a secondary point.

You start with a headline and short introduction to set the stage for why this person – and the short story they have – is relevant for your organisation.

The goal is to project some personal experience or quality onto the organisation

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Format #2: Time and Place

Storyboard ID: 6034d1e4e23b0b000406b239

This format is about describing a specific situation at a specific time from somewhere in the organization.

It will give a short insight into things, create understanding for what goes on, and build identification and brand.

Very much a “frozen moment” as a treat for the viewer.

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Format #3: This Day In...

Storyboard ID: 6034d2dd1bb2c60004e551c1

This format hinges on attaching current events or date-based events to something the organisation stands for.

You highlight the event that triggered this story – connect it to your subject matter. This can be lighthearted and entertaining – “talking about the weather” – or serious commentary on a breaking story.

And the whole gamut in-between.

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Format #4: Detail Focus

Storyboard ID: 6034d41de23b0b000406e236

This is where you let the smallest detail turn into a big story.

There is an almost unlimited number of things in your products, services, and just the minutiae of everyday business that will form the basis of a fascinating story.

Start with the detail and traverse to “why is this important for the viewer” and “this is what it says about us to care about stuff like this.”

A format like this is also a good reminder that it’s rarely a good idea to try and say everything every time.

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Format #5: Thought Leader

Storyboard ID: 6034d4e7e23b0b000406eecd

This format allows you to showcase “the best and the brightest” from your organisation – talking about just that: The organisation.

View this to have a personal touch on the official standpoint and talking points. And use this as a way to show diversity and width within the organisation, don’t just use C-level executives but lift experts, spokespeople, and evangelists from all levels.

Let them address a current event or trend by communicating what you stand for.

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Format #6: Big Question/Small Format

Storyboard ID: 6034d590e23b0b000407026f

This is you addressing the big questions about your organisation: Your mission, vision, goals, and brand values.

But you’ll do it piece by piece by being your own best critic.

Visit and re-visit what you actually say about yourself, how you talk about your brand – and then pose some critical questions about that.

Go “what do you mean by this” and “can this achieve that, how does that work” and so on; the kind of questions someone skeptical towards you would ask.

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Format #7: Facts & Figures

Storyboard ID: 6034d6d61bb2c60004e5a69f

Use this format to isolate a short fact, a KPI, or any other number or distinct piece of information.

It can be a milestone or something from a report. The things to look for are numbers and facts that you can use to tell a story about your organisation’s excellence, brand values, or anything that you are proud of and significant for the viewer.

Put that number in context.

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Format #8: Micro Case

Storyboard ID: 6034d7ab1bb2c60004e5bb38

This format is a large case story sampler, where you have focused on one single question and answer.

It may well derive from a much broader story – but it’s a perfect short format when you do it in this single issue form.

This allows you to go straight to the heart of the subject with the question in the title.

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Format #9: Us 3 – Short Survey

Storyboard ID: 6034d82de23b0b0004074e9b

This is a very straightforward short “survey” on a particular question – that gives you a chance to get some more people “on board.”

So regardless if you do this with internal or external people – viewers like to see other people.

And it’s a great way to create identification and show diversity.

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Format #10: FAQ Video

Storyboard ID: 6034d8d21bb2c60004e5d0eb

A format for remaking your FAQs to “how-to”-videos.

They will be relevant since they hinge on the fact that they are the most common questions. For a lot of these, you can create very efficient videos – that also can be used on support pages.

But a lot of these are great content to distribute more widely since they often show positive things about the product or services.

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Format #11: Read More Video

Storyboard ID: 6034d9b21bb2c60004e5e27e

This may sound contra-intuitive – but sometimes it makes a lot of sense to make a video that IS a summary of a larger news story and has the purpose of driving the viewer to another piece of content.

This makes it easy to work with and is very easy to produce as an offshoot to a press release or a news story that you will publish anyway.

This is more or less the headline and preamble from a press release.

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