Create converting video ads in a flash​​

Get the attention you need with 24 superefficient ad templates

Short, effective video ads on social media have rapidly become one of the biggest growth areas in the digital marketing space. We see pre-rolls, mid-rolls and in-stream ads exploding on every social platform, as an efficient tool to help nudging your customers through the funnel.

Storykit Ad Templates is a kit filled with 24 different templates, all tailor-made to help you sell anything in just 10 seconds.

Price: 2.490 €

The ultimate guide to converting video ads

Did you know that ads in a mobile feed get attention faster and trigger more cognitive lift, compared to desktop? Or that 73% of all marketers will focus on conversions in 2021?

Learn all about this, and a lot more, in our packed e-book on creating video ads for social.

Check out our step-by-step guide to video ads

You only have a few seconds to sell to the audience. This means you must be much clearer and more efficient in your direct response ads. And depending on what you are selling, and why you are selling it right now, you will have to do different kinds of ads. 

But don’t worry: We have created a super-efficient model for messaging paired with the 24 templates, that will help you start churning out effective video advertising with minimal effort.

Get your hands on all 24 templates

You will get:

✔️  24 tailor made templates ready to leverage for converting, thumb-stopping and efficient video ads.

✔️ Every template is 10 seconds long and can be used in all formats (1:1, 16:9, 9:16).

✔️ A crammed pdf with instructions, storyboards, ID:s and everything you might need to get going asap.

✔️ Full support from our team wherever it’s needed. 

Price: 2.490 €

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