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Our mission is to help you: marketers and communicators around the world, to tell your stories and create mind-blowing social video. This is why we are compiling everything we have learned about communication and video on social channels in packed guides.

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NEW: Your guide to smarter video ads

One of the biggest marketing trends for 2021 is to focus on conversions, according to Hootsuite. But how can I create ads that actually converts

Download our crammed e-book today to find out how!

Everything you need to know to write video scripts for social

Since most social media users don’t even turn on the sound today, the path to excellent video content begins with your script.

But how do you write a great script? In this e-book, we have compiled our best tips and tricks to achieve the perfect video that attracts and keeps the viewers.

What is viewer retention, and why does it matter to my video?

Are you creating social videos, and spending a lot of time staring at views, likes, comments, but not paying any attention to the retention graph?

Welcome to a gold mine!

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