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The 'Big Change' Template

Seen a big change? In your results, number of employees, or anything like that? Use this template, and you’ll have an attention-grabbing video in no time.

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About this template

When you have significant or dramatic changes (mostly positive, of course) that you want to draw attention to, this format fits the bill. It’s specifically constructed to focus on significant changes, so view this as another way of communicating results or findings since they often compare to a previous period or an existing baseline. Seek out your most positive indicators and proudly shout about them in a format like this.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

These changes can be found anywhere - in specific reports, of course, but also in anecdotal day-to-day accounts. Whenever you hear about an interesting change in something: grab the opportunity to talk about it.

Find your assets

All you need is a relevant stock image or video clip.

Produce it

If you have defined the “change” you want to talk about, you just need to dig into the format and flesh out the “what” and the “how”, and then you’re pretty much done.

Create your video script

Change Headline

Craft a headline that tells the “change” story in truncated form. So if a viewer leaves your video within a few seconds, they will at least have gotten the “what” of the story. This part should imply positive change, and that’s the main takeaway. 


“The Result has grown by [X]” 

“This is how much we have increased [Y]”

“How much faster did we do [Z] this year?”

Change Headline

The Change Details

Use this section to flesh out the details of the change - how much changed, what changed, and so on. This is relatively free-form, and you can be rather dry in this presentation – it needs to be and feel correct and on point. If possible, keep this short, almost down to the bare facts.

The Change Details

The Change Reason

This section is for talking a little about how the change came about, so you want to give some info on actions, processes, improvements, or breakthroughs that led to the change. This is the “how” to the “what”. So it’s crucial to establish this as something your organisation worked up to, not something that just happened. The same goes for scientific findings; you want to open the door to the methodology since it creates trustworthiness.

The Change Reason

Report Outro

Do a proper referral to where to find more information on the report.

Report Outro

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