Recruitment Videos

The 'Challenge' Template

People are motivated by a challenge, so use this format and the challenges of a role to motivate potential candidates to apply.

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About this template

This format is easy to produce from an existing recruitment ad. Just spice up the headline and make it into a challenge. You want to figure out the trigger points for a prospective applicant – and then highlight that challenge in the headline.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

In your recruitment ads. Look for the challenges that the person who gets hired will be motivated by and fine-tune them for this video.

Find your assets

Use a relevant stock image and a branded image/video clip, if you have one.

Produce it

How many challenges do you have in the recruitment ad? Ask the hiring manager to write them down if they aren't listed in the ad. Each of them can become a challenge video simply by following this template.

Create your video script

Challenge Headline

Sometimes, the "challenges" are clearly communicated in the ad. But often the ad text can shy away from being too bold since the ad usually fits a template. So you might have to use a bit of creative thinking here. The idea is to convey to the prospective applicant the feeling that this IS a challenge.


”Do you think you can solve all our [Specific Issues] – then apply for this position” 

"Are you the world’s leading [Specific Skill] – then we have the challenge for you” 

“Can you solve [Specific Issue] better than anyone else – then welcome”

“You only have to do the impossible – apply now.”

Challenge Headline

What We Are Looking For

Use the "overview description" of the position from the ad and trim it down to fit here. Be very straightforward - just use the simple description from the corresponding part of the ad.

What We Are Looking For

Apply Now Information

Give the applicant a bit of specific information about the application process here like dates or specific contact persons. This information is probably already in your ad, so use that with as little editing as possible.

Apply Now Information

Career Info

Refer to your career site or specific ad and make sure to suggest that you are looking for all types of talent. 


“This – and many more opportunities – at [Organisation]…”.

Career Info


Include a standard message for the outro, if needed. Or just use a simple logo ending.


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