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The 'Facts & Figures' Template

Most audiences love to see figures, stats and facts. Showing off numbers also makes you seem like a credible source of information.

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About this template

Use this format to isolate a short fact, a KPI, or any other number or distinct piece of information. It can be a milestone or something from a report. The things to look for are numbers and facts that you can use to tell a story about your organization’s excellence, brand values, or anything you are proud of that is significant for the viewer. Put that number in context.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

You can find this story in any type of report. It’s a great way to borrow from popular reports and research, or you can use facts and stats of your own.

Find your assets

Is there an image included in the report that you are allowed to use? If not, use relevant stock images or video clips.

Produce it

Find your number or fact and just run with the template. But make sure to remember always to mention the source.

Create your video script

Fact Headline

The fact or number should be the headline here. You can go so far as to only have a number there, like a “187%,” and then rely on getting people interested in what that means. But sometimes, you need to explain a bit more.

Fact Headline

What's The Fact? Pt 1

You need to explain what that fact or number is. Sometimes it’s explaining a raw number, and other times, you need to provide a bit more context.


“Yeah, that was the annual increase of applications…” 

“…but is that a large or small number, and what does it reflect…”

What's The Fact? Pt 1

What's The Fact? Pt 2

This is more or less an optional second part of the explanation. It would help if you stretched the explanation and context for some facts and figures. But if you are done – then don’t use this part.

What's The Fact? Pt 2

Wrap up and move forward

Use this part to wrap up what you “feel” about this fact or figure. You probably want to say that you are happy but not satisfied, talk about how you plan to address this further or something else that communicates that you are still improving.

Wrap up and move forward

Outro with message

Use a standard payoff/slogan or connect it to the script.

Outro with message

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