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The 'First Reaction' Template

You have probably seen “reaction videos” capturing that first reaction to something from a customer or client. But can you do these with text? Don’t you need some really emotional footage to make these work? The answer: Yes, you can! And no, you don’t.

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About this template

This is a useful format to have as part of a package of videos you are doing for a planned release, but it can also be used for something more on the spur of the moment or for just lifting quotes from a published article. Regardless – the format is all about the reaction first and the factual information later. It can be a real attention grabber!

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

Whenever you are releasing something there is a chance to do a 'first reaction' video. Make sure to take that opportunity since the format is quite effective.

Find your assets

You'll need a headshot of the interviewee here, and a relevant stock asset.

Produce it

Since this is text based you have a lot more freedom to let people to think about the thing and use words that are more on point than if you were trying to capture the actual "wow moment" on tape.

Create your video script

The “Money Quote”

To make this format impactful, start with the quote and the reaction from the interviewee. The reaction format is widely spread, but in this format, this is obviously a text quote. You want the quote to directly let the viewer know what the video is about but more importantly, to have a quote filled with emotions. Do not hesitate to use big words or any indication of excitement or surprise. This is a good place to use a “wow!” if you have one. Use the attribution for the quote to add clarity and propel your storytelling.


“[Name Surname], [Title], reacting to [The Thing]”

The “Money Quote”

The Facts

Do a short follow-up on what “The Thing” is to ensure that the viewer is not leaving the video without getting what the reaction was for. This can, and probably should, refer to more reading/viewing on the matter but should also be relatively stand-alone.

The Facts


Include a standard message or let the viewer know where they can get more information if relevant. Otherwise just finish with your logo.


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