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The 'Focus Forward' Template

Telling stories about your challenges is one of the best ways to be authentic today. Why? Because it’s great for relationship building. In this template, you’ll transform your less impressive results into future success stories.

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About this template

The premise of this format is that there will be areas not hitting their targets or working as they should. Here you want to inform about the facts, but even more that you have a sense of urgency and the processes to mitigate and improve. So this is a way of turning less impressive results into showing force and creating a sense of trustworthiness. This format will sit great in the marketing/information mix around a report since it acts as a counterpoint.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

Finding this story requires a bit of organisational self searching, but it's acutally quite easy to do. Every time you are doing things to improve something, which every organisation does all the time, you can tell this story.

Find your assets

Use one, or several relevant stock assets or internal stock assets.

Produce it

Talk to the people who are involved in this process of improvement, and get all the information from them. Then follow these steps.

Create your video script

What’s The Focus

It’s probably best to address this in a question form. Since it stems from something “negative”, you want to pivot the thinking into solutions direclty. This is an excellent way of using a question, moving from contextualising the issue to action and solution. 


“What about the problem of [Issue] – what can be done about that?”

“How are you acting on the bad results of [Issue]?” 

“What is the explanation for [Issue]?”

What’s The Focus

The Focus Area Explained

Use this part of the video to explain the facts of the issue you’re having. Be it less growth than expected, a delayed product release, or more or less anything where expectations have not been met. This should be factual, and there needs to be some mention of the reason or reasons for the deviation – this will set up the following quote in a better way.

The Focus Area Explained

The Focus Quote

You want to get a relevant stakeholder, expert, or executive to explain further. What actions have been taken, processes have been started, or changes have been made to mitigate the issue? This quote should start by acknowledging the issue and moving quickly to solutions.

The Focus Quote

Read More Info

Use this section to refer to the whole report or paper – or inform if it’s a pre-print, plus if and where the viewer can find more information.

Read More Info


Add a standard message for the outro, if needed. Or simply end off with your logo.


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