Internal Communication Videos

The 'Get To Know' Template

Help your colleagues get to know each other and what happens in your organisation's day-to-day life with this profile format.

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About this template

Use this format to present a colleague, team or department within your organisation. It’s a great way to let people know about things or people they’re curious about. You can make this both fun and informative.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

You could highlight people with unique roles, or teams that work on something that many people don’t have insight into. You’ll find a lot of content if you just look around.

Find your assets

Taking your own images or video clips of the person, team or place the video is about will enhance the impact. Check out this selfie guide to take impactful portrait photos easily.

Produce it

Since it’s for internal use, it should be pretty easy to produce. Speak to one or two relevant colleagues to gather information, and get a quote from one of them to add some personality to the information you’re presenting.

Create your video script

Who Headline

Draw the viewer in by creating a question-based headline. 


“Who is [Name Surname] and why do you see them all the time?”

“What on earth are they up to over on the 4th floor?” 

“Do you know which department uses the most electricity?”

Who Headline

Facts About

Now, get into the details and facts. It’s not a deep dive though, and you should only cover points that are relevant to your professional context. It would be best if you made a lot about the “function” – this will improve the following quote.

Facts About

Colleague Quote

Get an answer to a specific question to add some nuance to the information that came before. Then use that quote here, as close to the original as possible. 


“What is it that you do every day?” 

 “What do you think your colleagues need to know about you or your department?”

Colleague Quote


Include a standard message for the outro, if needed. Or just use a simple logo ending.


Looking for something else?

There is a lot more templates here for you. Take a look around and find one that suits you. Or you can find all the templates in Storykit.