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The 'Grow Your Differences' Template

Use this template to clearly differentiate your product and make it easier for your target market to choose you.

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About this template

This template helps you compare your product or service with your competitors’ by highlighting one major difference. Make it relevant to your audience by explaining why it’s beneficial and interesting to them.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

The easiest way is to use a product comparison article from your website or your company's competitive intelligence materials. If you don’t have anything like that at hand, then you can look for the information on review sites that offer a comparison table.

Find your assets

Use a single product or service image/video clip. The more related to the difference you’re showing, the better.

Produce it

This is a fairly straightforward script to produce – craft a headline and then describe what makes you different from your competitors and why that matters. Finish with a CTA to watch a demo or try your product or service.

Create your video script

The Difference Headline

Make your point of difference the focus of your headline and make it clear why it matters.


“[Functionality or Characteristic] matters when increasing [X]” 

“We focused on the [X] of the product – because it matters most to [Target Market]”

The Difference Headline

The Deep Dive

This part is relatively free-form, but make sure you state your company's view on the topic – what you do and why you do it – before briefly describing why that’s different/better than what the competition does.

The Deep Dive

Why It Matters

Wrap this up by letting the viewer know why this matters to customers. Make sure to identify what kind of customer it’s relevant to, so your viewer can make the connection to themselves. 


“We find that this [Feature or Characteristic] gives [Type Of User] a lot more [Benefit]…”

Why It Matters


This format helps buyers evaluate your solution, so take the opportunity to use a CTA or offer to get them to watch a demo or try your product/solution/service.


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