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The 'Highlight A Hero' Template

Talking about how good other people are is an easy way to make yourself look good - here’s how.

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About this template

Spread the love and highlight an influential person in the industry. This is an easy way to create good content with the upside that you’ll get help with distribution if the person you highlight shares your video. An added bonus is looking like an organisation that is up to speed on the discussion and generous enough to give credit to others.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

Look for articles, social media posts and podcasts where this person’s commentary has been used.

Find your assets

If possible, start with an image/video clip of the person in question. And then change to another of the same person or something equally relevant to the script about halfway through.

Produce it

You want to give your viewers a 101 on this person – in a very structured format with subtitles and almost step-by-step instructions as to why they should follow them.

Create your video script

Name And Role

Introduce the “hero” with their name and profession.

Name And Role

Who Is This?

Write a short introduction for this person. Use a heading to indicate that this is an introduction or background. You don’t have to dig deep into precisely what they do - you’ll get to that in the next part. 


“Who Is This?” or “Basic Facts.”

 “[Name Surname] is a professor in [Subject] at [University] and a fellow at [Foundation]. They have written [Title] and [Title], which is considered standard reading for all. But mostly, they are one half of the [Industry Podcast]”.

Who Is This?

What Do They Do?

Use a heading to indicate that you’re giving more information about the person’s activities. Dig into what they’re doing at the moment – and what you think is relevant for you and your viewers. It could be a podcast, a new book, or an amazing Twitter presence.


“What Do They Do?”

What Do They Do?

Why Should You Follow?

Write a heading that indicates that this part is all about expectation management – then tell the viewer what to expect when they start listening, following, or buying a book. This is more “opinion-based”.


“What To Expect” or “Why Should You Follow/Listen/Watch?”

“This podcast is full of really opinionated – and sometimes uncomfortable – discussion about [Industry]…” or “The book gives a new level of insight into these complex issues…”.

Why Should You Follow?


Include a standard message for the outro, if needed, or just use a standard brand outro graphic or your logo.


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