Employer Branding Videos

The 'How We Hire' Template

Lower the hurdles for job applicants to apply with this template showcasing your hiring experience and what’s good about it.

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About this template

This template is ideal for making videos on all the different ways you recruit new employees. It’s great for getting future employees familiar with your processes and excited about applying for a job at your organisation.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

If you’re not responsible for or involved in hiring, speak to your HR or TA department. They can help you find relevant employees to ask for a quote and make sure you get the details right.

Find your assets

Start and end with company or stock images or video clips that fit the topic - if you’ve got something that depicts the process you’re covering in the video, great! For the employee quote, use a portrait photo or a short video clip of the employee.

Produce it

This template is fairly easy to produce as it doesn’t require too much writing. You can easily source a quote and an image of the employee by emailing them with a question. Make sure to read through the template before formulating the question so that the answer you get works for your script.

Create your video script

Method Headline And Pre-Header

Create a headline for this video or a series of videos. Use a pre-header to clarify what the video is about. Your pre-header should make it clear which recruitment method is being covered. 


Headline: “How we hire” or “This is how you can start working with us” 

Pre-header: “Career Fairs: From raw talent to wild cards”

Method Headline And Pre-Header

Method Breakdown

Give your perspective on the method - what it is, how you use it, why it works for you, and perhaps, what works less well. Present the information as straight forward statements or responses.

Method Breakdown

Employee Quote

Now, add a quote from an employee recruited this way. Let them tell that story, from the moment they came into contact with your organisation and what happened next. Keep this brief, and make sure to add their name and role at the company.


“I came into contact with Storykit at a career fair in Stockholm, the people there were really friendly and encouraging, and helped me find an open position that I was suited to… I got a call a few days later for a first chat and the rest is history!”

Employee Quote

Where Can You Find Us?

Tell the viewer about the next time they can join you at the activity you’ve just described or where to find your job listings online. Add a link somewhere that’s easy for the viewer to click on. 


“Come and join us at our next career fair!”

“Check out our careers page on our website”

Where Can You Find Us?


Add a standard message for the outro, if needed. Or simply end off with your logo.


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