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The 'Intro-Short' Template

Have you written a text with an intro or pre-amble? Well, with this format, you can… make it a video!

Check it out!

About this template

This is a super-short and very easy-to-produce format. It hinges on using the intro or preamble from a press release or a blog post and using that as the “whole story.” You should, as often as you can, strive to get your information out in as many forms and channels as possible, and this is a quick way to create some form of video content from what you’ve already got. This is a format you can quickly work into your existing content creation routine.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

This is a format you can use for almost any text. It's perfect for blog posts, articles, press releases – pretty much every story.

Find your assets

Use a single image for the whole video. Since this format is often made out of existing articles, you probably already have an image you can use.

Produce it

Copy – paste – spice it up a bit – done!

Create your video script


Use the headline from the press release or the blog post if it suits this format. Sometimes you have to craft something a bit more viewer-friendly but stays on the subject. This is very free-form, but as always: aim for something short and on-point that hooks the viewer.


The Intro

Use the intro/preamble as is unless there is information that refers to specific channel-based factors, such as navigation links like “read more below”, etc. Take a look and see that the content makes sense – if it does, then use it.

The Intro

Read More Outro

Refer the viewer to your site to read more on the subject. In a text field, write something like “Read more on this at [Website]”.

Read More Outro

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