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The 'Keynote Quote' Template

Showing off your speakers is one of the best ways to market your event. For this format you don’t need much more than a quote.

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About this template

This format is the companion piece to the “Keynote Speaker” format and uses much of the same information – with the addition of a quote. You will get great use out of any information or images/video clips you already have. This format can be a part of your event marketing straight from the start -that way you get a great piece of content out very efficiently and can reel it back with some event information. If you do this format as a pair with the “Keynote Speaker,” you’ll have a lot to share.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

You probably already have the information you need about the speaker, so all you need now is a good quote. It can be something they have said in another context, but it can also be something you get exclusively.

Find your assets

Make sure you have a speaker-related image/video clip. You can also use event-specific media; you probably have some from the last time if it’s recurring. Stock media can also work well here.

Produce it

Finding a good quote will be the only challenging part of this video, and not even that has to be hard. Send an email to the speaker and ask for a quote or hop on a quick call. Or, if you can't reach the speaker, use Google and find an old quote from the person. When that's done, gather the info you already have on the speaker and the images/video clips, and you're good to go!

Create your video script

Intro Quote

Start the video with the actual quote. This means that the quote has to be enticing, and on point. Of course, it must be on the subject and very close to what the actual keynote will revolve around. But you can be generous here – and choose what’s best.

Intro Quote

Speaker Facts

Use this block to give some basic background information on the speaker, unrelated to what they are doing at the event. This is the “why is this person relevant” portion of the script. You want to use a bit of strong language along the lines of “world famous,” “leading expert,” or “star in their field,” and so on. Don’t shy away from a bit of hyperbole.

Speaker Facts

Event Information

For the utmost efficiency, create a standardised section that you can use in all your videos as a mission statement for the event. Here you give the viewer a sense of the greatness of your event, and why they should book a spot.


“[The Event] is the leading such and such in Europe”

“[The Event] gathers more than 300 industry leaders every year for….” 

Event Information

Event Outro

Do a solid referral to your event site, either in a descriptive “read more” style, or you could take the chance to create some FOMO for the viewer here. 


“All information on [The Event] at [URL]” 

“Don’t miss out – book your spot at [The Event Page] today”

Event Outro

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