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The 'Leading Numbers' Template

Do you know what the perfect attention grabber in social media is? Numbers! So if your news item has some standout or stand-alone numbers you can communicate: this is the format to use.

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About this template

Whenever a news item has numbers that you can communicate, you should jump at the opportunity. Numbers are good at grabbing attention, so this format is excellent in the news mix on an issue. In this case, the template is created with a leading question to clarify the context.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

Among the numbers. See an impressive number? Then this is a great way to communicate it.

Find your assets

Choose a stock or brand image/video clip on the subject and use it the whole way through.

Produce it

You can produce this from your desk. You probably have all the information you need already.

Create your video script

Leading Question

Format this as a “did you know” type of question. This makes it easy to contextualise the number and leads up to the number itself.
“Do you know how many items there are in our catalogue?”
“Ever wondered how many days it takes to manufacture this thing?”

Leading Question

The Number

Just input the number and any relevant unit information - this should be very standalone. If you have a concise single-digit number, write it out in letters.

The Number

The Explanation

Explain why the number is impressive or important. If needed, compare it to how it used to be. There is a bit of space if you need a few words for it – but try to keep it short; this should be a detail-focused format.

The Explanation

Read More Outro

Refer the viewer to your site to read more on the subject. In a text field, write something like “Read more on this at [Website]”.

Read More Outro

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