Event Videos

The 'Make the Most' Template

Coming to an event is so much more than just listening to keynotes. The audience needs to know many pieces of information, which can all serve as a part of your marketing material. Just use this format.

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About this template

This is a service format that lends itself to basic information everyone needs to know. In a way, it’s about “frequently given advice” or “frequently asked questions,” and it can range from how to get the most out of the event and find your way around to taking advantage of the event location. You can create many of these “guides” if you need to; they also serve as great reminders and even more marketing for the event.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

If you don't have an FAQ for your event, try creating one, and you will quickly see that there are many questions that need to be answered. Every one of those could be a video.

Find your assets

If you have event-specific images/video clips from a previous event, great. If you don't, go ahead and use stock media.

Produce it

Write your FAQ, prioritise the questions, and start producing by following this step-by-step guide.

Create your video script

Information Headline and Intro

This format intends to be efficient and easy to both digest and produce. So you can use this intro for an attractive headline, plus the “intro” information needed to provide context. Use an additional text field for complementary information to the headline. Be very service-minded in the headline, and then you can use the extra text field for a short primer on the subject.

Example Headline: 

“5 ways to get the most out of [The Event]” 

“The best restaurants close to [The Event]” 

“3 things not to miss outside [The Event]”

Example Extra Text Field:

“[The Event] is held close to the city centre – so there is plenty to visit if you need a break.”

Information Headline and Intro

Advice Item

Give a short instruction or recommendation for something. Use a text field for presenting tips step by step or a name, address, or other detailed information. Make sure you use the same format for everything you insert; you want this to be a logical “list.”

Advice Item

Event Outro

Do a solid referral to your event site, either in a descriptive “read more” style, or you could take the chance to create some FOMO for the viewer here. 


“All information on [The Event] at URL” 

“Don’t miss out – book your spot at [The Event Page] today”

Event Outro

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