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The 'New and Improved' Template

Get some attention for the changes you’ve made to your product or service with this simple but effective template.

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About this template

A really effective way to showcase a significant change or improvement to your product or service. In this format you just want to focus on a single change, so if you’ve got multiple changes to announce, why not make a series of videos with a common title?

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

Most of the time this story will find you if you’re in contact with your product team, but if not, message your product manager and ask them for a list of what’s new, why they built it, and what it solved for your customers.

Find your assets

Choose a small selection of product or service images to use throughout the video.

Produce it

Start by writing a headline that captures the improvement, then give some insight into how or why that improvement came to be and why it matters to customers or clients. End off with a CTA that lets the client know where to find out more about this change.

Create your video script

The Improvement Headline

The success of this video relies on creating a really powerful headline that captures the benefit or impact of the improvement or piques your audience's curiosity.


"[X] now 30% faster…”

“[X]…half as heavy…”

“[X]…twice as fast…”

“Our most requested update yet”

The Improvement Headline

The Reason Intro

Explain why or how you made this improvement in a way that provides context for the change.


“Thanks to a major breakthrough in [X] we have massively improved the speed of [Product or Service]” 

The Reason Intro

The Improvement Details

At this point in your script, you've established thewhat, andhow or why. This section is about giving some detail on the improvement. Write this as a single, clear message. There is no need for details of the process. For added impact, mention how this change benefits the user.


“We developed our own [Product or Service] that significantly decreased the time required to do [X]. Now users spend way less time waiting for the output which means that total time spent creating [X] is 50% faster on average.”

The Improvement Details


Refer the viewer to your website or app to read more or test this specific improvement.


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