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The 'Our Origins' Template

An editorial-style video that highlights a pivotal moment in your organisation’s history.

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About this template

This is a chronological format that lets you dig into the organisation’s origins and showcase that from a particular angle or perspective.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

Find an essential or interesting milestone to showcase. This format works best if you narrow it down – so don’t try and cover the whole history in one video. Instead focus on a pivotal moment, detail or person(s) that impacted the way the organisation developed.

Find your assets

Try and find relevant, contextual images and video clips that illustrate what you’re talking about for every part of the story you’re telling. So reach out to colleagues that have been around the longest. The "professional-looking" documentary result is well worth the effort.

Produce it

Email or speak to colleagues that are or have been working at the organisation. This format lends itself to showcasing multiple angles of the organisation's origins through a series of videos, for example.

Create your video script

Historic Headline

Your headline needs to: 

  1. Set the scene for the scope of the video – so make it clear which detail of the origin story you are focusing on. 
  2. Present your topic in a creative way – use references to literature, movies, or songs – make it sound fun or cool. 

If you’re making a series of origin videos, include the title of your series as a line of text at the bottom or as a pre-header.


“Gingerbread Man – how [Name Surname] perfected our recipe”

“Border Town: How the municipality was drawn”

Historic Headline

Origin Intro

Introduce the event that you are centring your story around. Briefly explain the historical context and the outcome of what happened. 

This should cover:

The context in which this happened - e.g. something did not exist, no one had done something before.

What happened - e.g. who did what, what transpired, and so on.

What the outcome was and how it affects us now - e.g. that brought us to where we are today, this is why this works this way

Finish this section by including a line of text that helps you transition to talking about the milestone in the next section.

Origin Intro

Event Milestone

This portion of the video will require a bit more storytelling. To help orient your audience, you can write a milestone headline that you use in every frame of this portion of the video. Divide this part into different moments and treat each as a small story within the wider story - so that it’s easy to follow.

Event Milestone


Include a standard message for the outro, if needed. Leave empty if you just want to use your logo.


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