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The 'Power User Shortcut' Template

This template makes for great community content by highlighting power users and helping others.

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About this template

Use this format to showcase real customers sharing tips, methods and general advice as a way to highlight the best parts of your product and educate users in an engaging way.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

Get help from your sales, support or success teams to identify ‘power users’. Email them with a selection of questions or use a form. That way, you’ll have an archive of material ready to be turned into videos and shared whenever you need.

Find your assets

Start by using a relevant image/video clip of your product and then change to an “in-environment” image/video clip or headshot of the user.

Produce it

Find relevant users and get in touch with them, people are often happy to help when they get seen as experts. Collect the user information and tips via email or forms, and simply copy/paste the text into the relevant parts of your video.

Create your video script

The User Headline

Since this is a “community-driven” format, make the user the star in the headline. Use an image/video clip that refers to the product or service relevant for this group.


“[Name Surname] on how to get the best out of [Product/Feature Name]”  

“Top 5 time saving hacks from [Name Surname]”

The User Headline

The Presentation

Do a short intro of the power user. It's best to get straight to the point here.


“[Name Surname] is [Title] at [Company] and works extensively with [Product/Feature Name]. This is how they use [X] to get [Y] result.”

The Presentation

The Tip

At this point, you’ve established what product, feature or service this is about. Now use a quote from your 'power user' describing their tip. Trim away anything that’s already been established to make it easier for the viewer to take in.

The Tip

Optional CTA

If you want the viewer to take action, use a clear statement and a link or button to direct them. 


“To try this yourself in the app, click here.”

Optional CTA

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