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The 'Quick Statements' Template

Do you have a news story and want to give it a human touch? Use a quote from a person, and the story will come alive.

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About this template

This format is a way to break down a news item more efficiently and simultaneously give it a bit of human touch. You want to pivot this around some statements from relevant people instead of repeating information from a previously written source – unless that already has those quotes - then this is just a great re-packaging. You can vary the number of “statements” as you wish.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

Almost every news item can be re-packaged into a quote video.

Find your assets

Use a relevant image/video clip for the news subject and another of the person.

Produce it

Is there a quote in the article? Use that and re-package the story. If not, get in touch with a stakeholder and get that quote.

Create your video script

Q&A Headline

Get right into the thick by crafting a specific headline addressing the issue or news. You want to communicate the value of watching the video by promising something useful.


“3 things you need to know about [Topic]” 

“Breaking down the latest news about [Topic]”

Q&A Headline

Short News Summary

Do a super-short news summary and a segue to the “statements.” You want to be efficient and state what happened – then move on to the quote.


“…so we asked [Name Surname] to explain…” 

“…and this is what you need to know on the issue.”

Short News Summary

Statement Section

These statements will come in the shape of quotes, so you want to use a text field to explain who this person is and why they are relevant to the issue. You can use one or several quotes from one person or several people.

Statement Section

Read More Outro

Refer the viewer to your site to read more on the subject. In a text field, write something like “Read more on this at [Website]”.

Read More Outro

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